Medical Students

Welcome, from the UVM Medical Alumni Association. 4,500 Members strong and here to support you!

Medical alumni provide scholarships and loans, as well as funding for student travel grants and student interest groups. In addition, alumni sponsor events such as the White Coat Ceremony, the Match Day eve dinner for fourth year students, and the Commencement reception. Alumni are also eager and willing to help students with advice and many have volunteered to join the Alumni/Student Network.

Thank-you Letters to Alumni/Donors

Scholarship recipients are required to write thank-you letters to the donor(s) of their scholarship. The few minutes it takes to write a simple note of thanks means the world to the donors who made a scholarship possible. Notes should be dropped off at the Development & Alumni Relations office, where student may also pick up note-cards and envelopes as well as learning more about the scholarship and the letter recipient. Click here to learn more about and get tips on writing your scholarship thank-you letter.