Interviewing Applicants - Overview

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the uncertainty surrounding safety and feasibility of travel during the 2022-2023 interview season, the Larner College of Medicine will be offering virtual interviews and interview day materials only. We hope to convey the collaborative and supportive environment of our campus to you through a variety of pre-recorded webinars and live zoom sessions, but we also hope to be able to welcome you to campus in the spring for a Closer Look Day.  

20211008_Whitecoat-0092We know your GPA, your MCAT score and read about some of your experiences but we don't really know you yet. Our virtual interview day has been structured to give you the opportunity to show us more about who you are and to learn more about you beyond your application.




The Interview Day

Your interview day begins at 12pm EST with a group introduction to our MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) process. Your interview will take place via Zoom. You will be emailed the Zoom login information a few days before your interview. 

You will be invited to join us on another day to learn about the Larner College of Medicine community. A separate email will be sent with Zoom information and reading materials.  

You will:

  • Meet with the Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont faculty, staff, and students
  • Participate in a circuit where you will speak with several interviewers
  • Have a chance to demonstrate your teamwork and communication skills
  • Learn about UVM's award-winning Vermont Integrated Curriculum
  • Have a lunch conversation about "A Silent Curriculum" with current medical students
  • Learn about UVM's clinical sites for Clerkship and the site selection process. After your interview day you will be asked to choose which of our two clinical campuses you would prefer to attend. Selection must be made within two weeks of your interview.  Admission to UVM LCOM is contingent upon selection of a clinical campus. Please visit the "Before Your Interview" tab to learn more about our curriculum, clinical campuses, and active learning.

Most applicants interviewing for medical school choose to wear business attire, such as a business suit.

*We know that historically applicants have felt that wearing a suit was required (or at least encouraged) during medical school interviews. Please be aware that given the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, we have altered our recommended attire for interviews to business casual, i.e., a blouse or collared shirt. If you already own a suit and would feel more comfortable wearing that, that is OK too.*

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about Interview Day. We look forward to meeting you!


Contact the Office of Medical Student Admissions by email at

Clinical Campus Selection

On interview day you will learn about UVM's clinical sites for Clerkship and the site selection process. Following interview day, you will be asked to select a preferred clinical site.  Selection must be made within two weeks of your interview.

Admission to UVM LCOM is contingent upon selection of a clinical campus. Learn more about our Clinical Campuses.

Post Interview Status

The Admissions Committee reviews applications several times per year. You will be notified of your application status via email after the Admissions Committee's decision. In-state applicants will begin to receive notifications until mid-December. All other applicants are notified on a rolling basis after October 15. We do not accept additional letters of recommendation, letters of reference, etc. 

Committee decisions are: