University of Vermont Cancer Center Membership

The University of Vermont (UVM) Cancer Center is a matrix cancer center representing a partnership between the University of Vermont, the Larner College of Medicine and the University of Vermont Medical Center, integrating cancer research, education and clinical care. The UVM Cancer Center seeks members from across the University, UVM Health Network, as well as partners in our region who have a demonstrated commitment to cancer research and clinical care and who will bring diverse expertise to transdisciplinary research, education and clinical programs at the UVM Cancer Center.

Members of the University of Vermont Cancer Center participate in at least one of the research programs, which include Cancer Control and Population Health Sciences, Host Factors and Tumor Progression, and Molecular Mechanisms of Malignancy. To learn more visit our research programs page. Members interested in clinical care and translational science have the opportunity to join one or more disease-focused transdisciplinary teams, where clinicians, physician-investigators, and scientists collaborate to deliver cutting edge care to our patient population.

Members are evaluated and appointed by University of Vermont Cancer Center Leadership and assigned membership in one of three categories: full member, associate member, and affiliate member.  See below for full descriptions of member categories.

Apply for membership at the University of Vermont Cancer Center (PDF).

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    Membership Details

  • Expectations +

    • Attend research program meetings
    • Participate in collaborative research and publication
    • Develop grant submissions emphasizing collaborative translational investigation
    • Review internal grant applications for the Cancer Center
    • Actively participate in UVM Cancer Center events, outreach, programming and cancer advocacy initiatives

  • Benefits and Resources +

    • Intramural funding for pilot, program and transdisciplinary research
    • Access to and discounted services through shared, advanced technology resources
    • Opportunities for collaborative research including internal and extramural research funding opportunities
    • Grant submission support
    • Timely communication around educational, and internal and extramural funding opportunities
    • Continuing education through UVM Cancer Center Grand Rounds, Juckett Lecture Series and other events
    • Participation in a culture of scientific curiosity, innovation and discovery that fosters collaborations

  • Membership Categories

  • Full Member +

    These individuals contribute directly to peer reviewed basic, translational or clinical cancer research and/or clinical trials and participate in and contribute to the effectiveness of overall University of Vermont Cancer Center activities, including UVM Cancer Center research programs, retreats, seminars, committees and other academic and public activities. Full members share all benefits and privileges.
    Members in this category are faculty who are actively engaged in basic, translational or clinical cancer research and/or clinical trials. Full members will:

    • Be full-time faculty at UVM although some part-time clinical faculty, emeritus faculty and allied health professionals with major cancer research commitments may be eligible if their award is made to UVM
    • Have served as Principal Investigator or co-Principal Investigator on peer-reviewed (PDF) cancer-focused or cancer-relevant research grants or clinical trials within the last three years, including site PI on NCTN trials. A track record of collaboration on grants is highly encouraged.
    • Assume a high-level leadership role within the Cancer Center (Program Leader, Transdisciplinary Team Leader, Service Line Leader, etc)
    • Maintain a principal and consistent commitment to cancer research or patient-care activities
    • Actively participate in one or more of UVM Cancer Center's research programs
    • Maintain a track record of peer-reviewed research publications related to basic, clinical, or cancer prevention and control research which demonstrate active collaborations with members of the UVM Cancer Center that is demonstrated by co-authorships on publications and/or shared leadership of extramurally funded research grants
    • Actively participate in UVM Cancer Center’s outreach, events, programming and advocacy activities

  • Associate Member +

    Individuals in this category make important contributions to the activities and mission of the UVM Cancer Center, but devote a component of their time to cancer research in some capacity. These members have access to privileges that include intramural funding when partnered with a full member, attending seminars, cancer grand rounds, retreats, educational conferences, participating in cancer center committee activities, enrolling patients in clinical trials. Associate members can transition to full membership if they devote significant academic time to cancer research and obtain independent or multi-principal investigator collaborative extramural funding.
    Associate Members may be:

    • Full or part-time faculty at UVM who participate regularly in basic, translational and clinical cancer research
    • Staff within UVM Cancer Center, University of Vermont Medical Center, or UVM who play an important role in cancer research, and/or education and outreach, including clinical staff with regular duties related to patients on clinical trials
    • Affiliated, non-faculty physicians who participate in clinical research by placing patients on UVM Cancer Center clinical trials. To maintain membership a minimum of 4 patients per year is expected
    • UVM emeritus faculty, distinguished community non-physician members, or others who contribute significantly but not on a regular basis to UVM Cancer Center programs
    • Actively participate in UVM Cancer Center’s outreach, events, programming and advocacy activities

  • Affiliate Member +

    This level of membership provides opportunities for Larner College of Medicine, UVM Medical Center and UVM staff engaged in cancer research and clinical care associated with clinical trials to participate in the UVM Cancer Center.
    Individuals in this category are valued members of the University of Vermont Cancer Center and include non-UVM faculty and allied health professionals engaged in cancer research or clinical trials as well as members of another cancer center who participate collaboratively in UVM Cancer Center initiatives. Affiliate members may be:

    • A non-UVM faculty member of another cancer center who will collaboratively participate in research that is a principal theme of UVM Cancer Center
    • Staff within UVM Cancer Center, UVM Medical Center or UVM who play an important role in cancer research including clinical staff with regular duties related to patients of clinical trials
    • Allied health professionals who contribute to the UVM Cancer Center mission or in training and/or apprenticeship/internship programs
    • Graduate students, residents, clinical fellows or post-doctoral fellows with a strong interest in, and commitment to, cancer research
    • Cancer advocates who contribute to UVM Cancer Center mission areas and/or programs and activities
    • Active participants in UVM Cancer Center’s outreach, events, programming and advocacy activities

  • Internal Processes

  • Application Process +

    Interested applicants review membership levels found on the UVM Cancer Center website, complete and submit the UVM Cancer Center membership application form and NIH Bio Sketch or resume. New applicants are added to the agenda for the upcoming Leadership meeting and applicant information is provided to leadership for review. Program Leaders discuss the applicant and their credentials, then determine which primary program is most appropriate based on application and CV. Membership is recommended with conditions or declined.

  • Notification Process and document updates +

    The UVM Cancer Center Administrator emails the Administrative Assistant to notify new members. An email specific to the correct membership level is sent notifying the members of their acceptance, the membership level and program association. The Directors, Program Leaders, Administrator and Communications staff are copied on this email. New members are added to the UVM Cancer Center website and receive all UVM Cancer Center communications. They are also given access to a cancer qualifying subsidy for Shared Resource usage and opportunities for intramural funding. The Administrative Assistant updates web page with member information, the member spreadsheet and email list serves.

  • Ongoing evaluation of membership +

    Membership in the UVM Cancer Center represents the dedication of physicians, scientists, staff and cancer advocates to advancing prevention, detection, treatment and survivorship of cancer. UVM Cancer Center membership is reviewed every three years to evaluate members based on the following criteria:

    1. Cancer Focus
    2. Funding
    3. Publications
    4. Inter and Intra-programmatic collaborations
    5. Engagement in UVM Cancer Center Program activities

    Membership levels will be reviewed and evaluated on the basis of qualifying criteria for new members. Appropriateness of current primary program affiliations will be based on the member’s current cancer focus, engagement in program activities/initiatives and evidence for collaboration in cancer research and clinical trials, documented by multiple principal investigator grants and clinical protocols and co-authored publications/clinical case reports. Any changes will be communicated to the members and associated programs.

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