UVM Cancer Center ambassadors are members who collectively represent all aspects of the center: research, clinical care including clinical research, and community engagement through education and outreach.

You may find our ambassadors at special events, being interviewed on TV or the radio, and out in the catchment area representing the UVM Cancer Center. 

For questions about the ambassador program, please contact Kate Strotmeyer, Director of Communications and Community Outreach (Katherine.Strotmeyer@med.uvm.edu). 

Current Ambassadors

 NameExpertiseMember Profile
Christopher Anker, MDcancer clinical trials; radiation oncology; gastrointestinal, lung, and skin cancersBio
Melanie Bui, MD, PhDdermatologyBio
Brian Cunniff, PhDlaboratory cancer research; translation of bench research to clinical trials; mesotheliomaBio
Nancy Gell, MPH, PhDexercise and supportive care for cancer patients; rural cancer disparitiesBio
Kara Landry, MDcancer genetics; chemotherapy; medical oncology; breast cancerBio
Sarah Nowak, PhDhealthcare delivery research; cancer screeningBio
Conor O'Neill, MDtranslational research, GI and liver cancers Bio
Maija Reblin, PhDcancer caregiver, behavioral intervention, and interpersonal communication researchBio
David "Bebo" Seward, MD, PhDlaboratory cancer research; tumor microenvironment; immune system and cancerBio
Jason Stumpff, PhDlaboratory cancer researchBio
Alissa Thomas, MDbrain cancer; neuro-oncologyBio