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National Cancer Prevention Month


Friday, 2/12


Zoom: 942 5336 3648


NNE-CTR Net & UVM Cancer Center Seminar Series - "UVM Center for Biomedical Innovation and Developing Technologies for Remote Healthcare Delivery"

Presented by Ryan S. McGinnis, PhD
Assistant Professor and Director │ Biomedical Engineering Program
Department of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, University of Vermont

The presentation will introduce UVM’s Center for Biomedical Innovation and highlight several ongoing projects that aim to develop new technologies for remote assessment and intervention. A new approach for rapid and objective fall risk characterization and a mobile application for providing physiological biofeedback to help manage panic attacks will be discussed.

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Colorectal, Kidney, Multiple Myeloma Cancer Awareness Month


Monday, 3/22


Zoom: 971 9082 1580


Molecular Mechanisms of Malignancy Research Program Meeting: "Targeting CIB1 in Triple Negative Breast Cancer"

Featuring Leslie V. Parise, PhD
Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Interim Director, UVM Extension
Professor, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
University of Vermont

CIB1 is a ubiquitously expressed, intracellular protein that appears to be an excellent target in multiple cancers due to its regulation of key oncogenic pathways. The Parise lab originally cloned, sequenced and named the small protein CIB1. We solved its 3-dimensional crystal structure, which has informed our drug targeting studies. We created and characterized a CIB1 knockout mouse, which allowed us to determine that disrupting CIB1 function can prevent tumor-induced angiogenesis and protect against cardiac hypertrophy. We completed several studies showing how CIB1 promotes tumor cell survival and proliferation by regulating major oncogenic pathways. Conversely, CIB1 depletion induces massive death in susceptible tumor cells via distinct mechanisms depending on the tumor cell types. Tumor cell death was further enhanced in combination with docetaxel or TRAIL. We have also validated CIB1 as a drug target by depleting it in tumors in vivo, derived from a human triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) cell line in mouse xenografts. Finally, we have made extensive progress in screening and identifying small molecule CIB1 inhibitors with subsequent validation, in collaboration with UNC’s Center for Integrative Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery.  We have concluded that combination therapies targeting CIB1 could prove to be a safe and efficacious in treating TNBC and potentially other cancers.

Monday 3/22 @ 3-4:00PM

Zoom Meeting Link:
Zoom Meeting ID: 971 9082 1580