Clean-up of Spills

Policy 670.60

Policy Statement

Surfaces exposed to blood, body fluids, and body secretions should be cleaned with a detergent followed by decontamination with a hospital grade disinfectant that is tuberculocidal and has a label claim of efficacy against hepatitis B. Persons performing the cleaning should wear disposable gloves.

Applicability of the Policy

All Medical Students

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12.8 Student Exposure Policies/Procedures


  • 5/20/2014 Policy Adopted/Affirmed [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 3/17/2020 Reformatted [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 4/26/2022 Policy Edit [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 2/21/2023 Policy Revised [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 12/19/2023 Policy Edit [Medical Curriculum Committee]

Policy Oversight

Associate/Assistant Dean for Students

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