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Policy 670.10

This policy is currently being reviewed by the Medical Curriculum Committee.

Updates will be posted in late-May 2024.

Accepted applicants should upload their AAMC Standardized Immunization Form and all supporting documentation to CastleBranch. CastleBranch will review submitted records to determine the compliance status.

Policy Statement

All medical students are expected to maintain a compliant immunization status from matriculation through graduation by having completed all tests and immunizations required by the institution and recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Policy Elaboration

Students at the Larner College of Medicine use the Association of American Medical College’s (AAMC) Standardized Immunization Form to document their related records. This form is founded on the CDC’s vaccination recommendations for healthcare workers and informed by extensive research with medical colleges who host visiting students.

The completed form and all supporting documentation should be directed to:

    University of Vermont Student Health Services (UVM SHS) at the Center for Health and Wellbeing
    425 Pearl St.
    Burlington, VT 05401

or via the University of Vermont's File Transfer Service to  UVM SHS. UVM SHS will clinically review submitted records and determine the compliance status for medical students. SHS maintains all health-related records on the platform. They also note the compliance status for incoming students via the OASIS platform.

Students are responsible for the cost of any necessary testing or immunizations, not covered by their health insurance. Documentation of the students’ immunizations, antibody status and tuberculosis testing status will be provided to the appropriate offices at affiliated hospitals where clinical education is conducted. Some UVM clinical training sites may require additional immunizations and rotation assignments are not adjusted based on immunization status.

Entering Medical Students

Students will not be permitted to start classes at the Larner College of Medicine without providing evidence of compliant immunization records. For the safety of patients and students alike, this policy is strictly enforced. Entering medical students are required to demonstrate evidence of having completed the following tests and immunizations by July 1 of their matriculation year:

  • COVID-19: All University of Vermont (UVM) students are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella): Two doses of MMR vaccine or two doses of measles, two doses of mumps and one dose of rubella; or serologic proof of immunity for measles.
  • Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis: One dose of adult Tdap, regardless of date of last Td. If last Tdap is more than 10 years old, provide date of last Td and Tdap.
  • Tuberculosis Screening: Results of last two step TSTs (PPDs) or one IGRA blood test are required regardless of prior BCG status within three months of the August 1 deadline for incoming students. If you have a history of a positive TST (PPD)>=10mm or IGRA please supply information regarding any evaluation and/or treatment. Please review the Tuberculosis Screening policy for more information.
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox): Two doses of vaccine or positive serology.
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination: Three doses vaccination followed by a quantitative Hepatitis B Surface Antibody (titer) preferably drawn 4-8 weeks after third dose. If negative, complete a second Hepatitis B series (3 dose requirement) followed by a repeat titer. If Hepatitis B Surface Antibody is negative after a secondary series, additional testing including Hepatitis B Surface Antigen should be performed. Please review the CDC Recommendations for more information. Documentation of Chronic Active Hepatitis B is for rotation assignments and counseling purposes only.
Hepatitis B Exception

Students will be allowed to enter clinical settings prior to completion of their six-month hepatitis B series only if documentation has been provided demonstrating that they are in the process of completing the requirements and have arranged a plan with the Center for Health and Wellbeing to fulfill the requirements as soon as possible. Failure to meet deadlines and obligations as outlined in an approved exception plan is a violation of professional expectations and will result in an ‘out of compliance’ immunization status and may necessitate removal from the curriculum. Students who are repeatedly notified that they are ‘out of compliance’ will be referred to the Fitness Committee for professionalism concerns.

Active Medical Students (Post-Matriculation)

After matriculation all medical students are expected to maintain a compliant immunization status. This includes documenting evidence of having completed the following tests and immunizations:

  • COVID-19: UVM Health Network, in accordance with CMS requirements, requires medical students to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition to providing on-site services on UVM Health Network premises. Fully vaccinated means that students have received both doses of the Moderna, Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine or one dose of the J&J/Janssen vaccine  At this time, boosters are recommended but not required.
  • Influenza Vaccine: One dose annually each fall is required. The University of Vermont will provide a flu shot clinic at an appropriate time. Students not immunized at the clinic must seek flu vaccine from their primary health care clinicians, local healthcare network or other community resources.
  • N95 Mask Fitting: All students will be scheduled, prior to clinical assignments, for training and fit testing with N95 respirators to be used when caring for patients with known or suspected illness requiring airborne precautions.
  • Tuberculosis Screening: When providing documentation for clinical away rotations, please note that if skin test or IGRA results expire during proposed elective rotation dates, they must be updated with the receiving institution. TB screening is typically required within three months prior to the rotation. Please review the Tuberculosis Screening policy for more information.

UVM SHS recommends that students keep a copy of their completed AAMC Standardized Immunization Form and associated paperwork for their personal records. These may be needed for Doctoring in Vermont placements and/or for away rotations. Note: If a student is planning international travel for credit, they must be seen in a travel clinic to discuss their travel plans and associated health risks.

Applicability of the Policy

All Medical Students

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12.7 Immunization Requirements and Monitoring


  • 5/20/2014 Policy Adopted/Affirmed [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 7/1/2014 Policy Revised [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 10/8/2015 Policy Revised [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 5/24/2016 Policy Revised [Medical Curriculum Committee]
  • 6/20/2017 Policy Revised [Medical Curriculum Committee]
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  • 4/26/2022 Policy Revised [Medical Curriculum Committee]
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Policy Oversight

Associate/Assistant Dean for Students

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