Policy 670.15

Infection Control Training

Policy Statement

1. Annual participation in infection control training is required of all medical students. Participation in clinical education will be prohibited for students not documenting completion of this requirement.

2. The education of medical students about methods of prevention include the following:

a. Students complete web-based modules on infection control and prevention of exposure to environmental hazards. Those modules are mandatory and compliance with this requirement is enforced, beginning prior to students' first clinical contacts in the second semester of the first year.

b. All students are fitted for N-95 respirators, which are available to them at clinical sites if needed.

c. During the Clerkship Year students participate in an exercise on the topic of pandemic planning and the mitigation of risk of exposure to pathogens is among the topics of that session.

d. In addition, a member of the Division of Infectious Disease gives a lecture to Clerkship Year students on the topic of infection control, which includes methods of avoidance of exposure to blood-borne pathogens and TB.

e. At affiliated sites students participate in a hospital orientation which includes infection control instructions specific for that institution.

f. Students receive annual policy and procedure reminders about exposure to infectious and environmental hazards.

Applicability of the Policy

  • All Students

Reviewed and Approved

  • Medical Curriculum Committee, on May 20, 2014

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