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Lounsbury Highlighted in Forbes Article about UVM Medicinal Marijuana Course

July 21, 2017 by Madi Wood

On July 21, 2017, UVM Professor of Pharmacology, Karen Lounsbury, Ph.D. spoke with Forbes about the United States' first-ever 'higher learning' course on medicinal marijuana "Pharm 200: Cannabis, Past, Present and Future" - a course that she co-designed.

Karen Lounsbury, Ph.D., pharmacology professor of and researcher

"Considering the ongoing impact of the opioid epidemic and cannabis' potential as both a major industry and a safer, often far cheaper treatment for various medical conditions, Lounsbery's small risk in bringing cannabis science to academia seems like the right kind to take: Thoughtful, constructive, and evidence-based." - Janet Burns, Forbes Contributor

In a July 21, 2018 Forbes article about UVM's medicinal marijuana course "Cannabis Past, Present, and Future," UVM Professor of Pharmacology and co-designer of the class, Karen Lounsbury, Ph.D., spoke about the structure of the course, the red tape involved in researching cannabis materials, and cannabis as a potential replacement pain-killer for opioid patients.

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