Faculty in the Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation are involved in educating medical students, residents in orthopaedics and other specialties, undergraduate and graduate students in areas that include athletic training and physical therapy, and community physicians throughout the region through outreach and continuing medical education.

Medical Student Education

Medical student education spans all four years, beginning with the musculoskeletal content in Connections, a course in the Foundations level of the Vermont Integrated Curriculum

During the Advanced Integration level, electives offered by the Department are helpful to students planning careers in family practice, internal medicine, neurology, and surgery as well as orthopaedics and rehabilitation medicine. Emphasis is on improving knowledge and skills for evaluating and managing patients with musculoskeletal impairments.

Senior Acting Internships are completed here in the winter of the third year prior to travelling to other programs. We encourage all interested UVM students to complete the Larner College of Medicine’s Senior Surgery Selective. Students interested in Rehabilitation Medicine are also welcome to discuss custom rotations in Physiatry, and all students with an interest in musculoskeletal conditions may choose our senior “Orthopaedics for Primary Care” rotation. Contact the Department of Orthopaedics at 802-656-2250 or for information on any elective course offered by our department.

One Month Electives include:

  • Acting Internship, Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Orthopaedics for the Primary Care Physician
  • Research Methods in Orthopaedics (by advance arrangement only)
  • Acting Internship in Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Diabetic Foot Management

Students interested in Orthopaedic Surgery are encouraged to contact us in their first or second year for guidance. The Department is willing to provide guidance in the choice of postgraduate training programs and letter of recommendation as appropriate.

For more information please contact the Department of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation at 802-656-2250, email

Visiting Students

Visiting students are accepted at the University of Vermont from June through February. Rotations November through February are available to those senior students from other institutions who are not applying to our residency program.

Visiting Acting Internships are designed to give the senior student a broad look at our program, and include time on our busy inpatient Ortho Trauma service with our resident staff as well as equal time with sports medicine or one of our other more primarily outpatient services with a member of the admissions committee.

Rotation months follow the calendar months (1st to 30th/31st) with flexibility of one or two days on either end possible. The visiting AI will spend four weeks with one week on Trauma, one mixed Foot/Ankle and Spine, one on Sports, and one on a service of their choice. For those wishing to have a letter of recommendation from our faculty, we recommend that the "choice" week is a second week on one of the required services so that faculty can provide a fair assessment. Your schedule will be coordinated by Melissa Gara and one of our chief residents.

We require submission of your USMLE scores and CV including clerkship grades through VSLO.  First choice is given to graduates of allopathic US medical schools; others may be approved in special circumstances. We receive many more requests than we can accommodate; preference will be given to those most likely to be competitive in our application process. We do not offer interviews to all visiting AIs, so please contact us if you need more information.

Scholarships are available to underrepresented students in medical education (URiM).  For more information about our visiting scholarship education program go to our webpage VSESP

For more information please email or call Monika Donlevy (802) 656-3804.


The Department directs postgraduate medical education in orthopaedics for residents. See Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program to learn more.

Community Medical School

Our physicians frequently participate in The University of Vermont Medical Center's Community Medical School presentation program. Visit their website for more information and schedules.