Faculty & Staff

The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine
The University of Vermont
Department of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation
95 Carrigan Drive, Robert T. Stafford Hall, 4th Floor
Burlington VT 05405

Tel: (802) 656-2250

Email: orthorehab@uvm.edu

Department Chair
NameAcademic TitleClinical Specialty and UVMMC ProfilePhoneAcademic Profile
Claude Nichols III, MD
ProfessorSports Medicine(802) 656-2250
Email Bio
NameAcademic TitleClinical Specialty and UVMMC ProfilePhoneAcademic Profile
S. Elizabeth Ames, MD

Residency Program Director

Orthopaedic Residency Program

(802) 656-2250Email | Bio
Craig Bartlett III, MDProfessorTrauma(802) 847-4914Email | Bio
Michel Benoit, MDAssociate ProfessorHand and Upper Extremity(802) 847-2663Email | Bio
Bruce Beynnon, PhDProfessor

Director of Research

Orthopaedic Research

(802) 656-2250Email | Bio
Michael Blankstein, MDAssociate ProfessorTrauma, Adult Reconstruction
(802) 656-2250Email | Bio
Douglas Campbell, MDClinical Practice PhysicianKnee and Hip(802) 862-3983Email| Bio
Mark Charlson, MDAssociate ProfessorFoot and Ankle
(802) 847-4690Email | Bio
Nathan Endres, MDAssociate ProfessorSports Medicine
(802) 656-2250Email | Bio
Seth Frenzen, MDClinical Practice PhysicianHand & Upper Extremity
(802) 862-3983Email | Bio
Mary Flimlin, MDAssistant ProfessorPhysiatry - Spine Specialist(802) 847-2663Email | Bio
Andrew Geeslin, MDAssistant ProfessorSports Medicine(802) 656-2250email | Bio
Jesse Hahn, MD
Assistant Professor

(518) 314-3560

(802) 847-2663

Email | Bio
Mark Haimes, MDAssistant ProfessorAdult Reconstruction, Total Joints(802) 656-2250Email
James Howe, MDProfessor Emeritus (802) 847-4690Email | Bio
Jessica Johnson, MD
Assistant Professor
Physiatry(802) 847-6900
Robert Johnson, MDProfessor Emeritus (802) 656-2250Email | Bio
Andrew Kaplan, MDClinical Practice PhysicianKnee and Foot and Ankle
(802) 862-3983Email |Bio
Roger Knakal, MDAssistant ProfessorMedical Director Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation(802) 847-6900Email | Bio
Martin Krag, MDProfessorSpine(802) 656-2250Email | Bio
Jimmy Levins, MD
Assistant Professor
 (802) 847-2663
David K. Lisle, MDAssociate ProfessorSports Medicine(802) 847-2663Email | Bio
Jennifer Lisle, MDAssociate ProfessorPediatric and Oncology Orthopaedics(802) 656-2250Email | Bio
David Lunardini, MDAssociate ProfessorSpine(802) 847-9005Email | Bio
Kevin Lutsky, MDAssociate ProfessorHand & Upper Extremity(802) 847-2663Email | Bio
Chris Meserve, MD
Assistant Professor
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation(802) 847-6900
Stephen Merena, DPMAssociate ProfessorPodiatry
(802) 847-8937Email | Bio
James Michelson, MDProfessorFoot and Ankle(802) 656-2250Email | Bio
Robert Monsey, MDAssociate ProfessorDirector Spine Institute of New England
(802) 656-2250Email | Bio
Nathaniel Nelms, MDAssociate ProfessorAdult Reconstruction, Total Joints(802) 656-4690Email | Bio
Patrick Schottel, MDAssociate ProfessorTrauma(802) 847-2663Email | Bio
Adam Shafritz, MDProfessorHand & Upper Extremity(802) 847-4960Email | Bio
Ian Stokes, PhDProfessor Emeritus (802) 656-2250Email | Bio
Lara Stone, DPMAssistant ProfessorPodiatry
(802) 847-6900Email | Bio
Chason Ziino, MD
Assistant Professor
Spine(802) 847-6900Email | Bio
Volunteer Faculty
Stanley E. Grzyb, MDClinical Associate Professor(802) 656-2250
David Halsey, MDClinical Professor(802) 656-2250
Secondary Appointment Faculty
Niccolo Fiorentino, PhDAssistant Professor - Mechanical Engineering(802) 656-8082Email | Bio
Dryver R. Huston, PhDProfessor - Engineering & Mathematical Sciences(802) 656-1929Email | Bio
Michael Toth, PhDAssociate Professor - Medicine(802) 656-7989Email | Bio
Timothy W. Tourville, PhD, ATCAssistant Professor - Rehabilitation and Movement Science(802) 656-3858Email | Bio
Mitchell Tsai, MDAssociate Professor - Anesthesiology(802) 847-2415Email | Bio
Diego Lemos, MDAssistant Professor, Radiology(802) 847-5647Email | Bio
Mark Lach, MDAssistant Professor, Radiology(802) 847-3592Email | Bio
Mathew J. Failla, PT, PhD, ScsAssistant Professor - Rehabilitation and Movement Science Email | Bio
Orthopaedic Surgery Residents  
Shawn Best, MDClinical Instructor, PGY-4(802) 656-3806Email
Jason Brant, MDClinical Instructor, PGY-2(802) 656-3806Email
Jordon Conroy, MD
Clinical instructor, PGY-4
(802) 656-3806
Brandon Cushman, MDClinical Instructor, PGY-3(802) 656-3806Email
Michael Danaher, MDClinical Instructor, PGY-5(802) 656-3806Email
Mike DiCosmo, MDClinical Instructor, PGY-1(802) 656-3806Email
Mitch Gray, MD
Clinical Instructor, PGY-2
(802) 656-3806
Manoj Goud, MD
Clinical Instructor, PGY-1
(802) 656-3806Email
Benjamin Kagan, MDClinical Instructor, PGY-2(802) 656-3806Email
Seth Moffatt, MDClinical Instructor, PGY-3(802) 656-3806email
Warren Nielsen, MDClinical Instructor, PGY-3(802) 656-3806email
Max Rakutt, MD
Clinical Instructor, PGY-1(802) 656-3806Email
Hailee Reist, MDClinical Instructor, PGY-5(802) 656-3806
Greg Roy, MD
Clinical Instructor, PGY-4
(802) 656-3806Email
Luke Seeker, MDClinical Instructor, PGY-5(802) 656-3806
Academic/Research Personnel
Andy Borah
Research Project Specialist(802) 656-4467
Rebecca Choquette, ATCResearch Project Coordinator(802) 656-2252Email
Melissa Cuke, MSc
Research Specialist(802) 656-8396Email
Monika Donlevy Administrative Assistant(802) 656-3804Email
Melissa Gara
Residency Program Administrator(802) 656-3806Email
Mack Gardner-Morse, MSResearch Engineer(802) 656-4244Email
Mickey Krug
Research Project Specialist
(802) 656-4249
Susan PlataniaDepartment Administrator(802) 656-4245Email