Faculty & Staff

Department of Family Medicine Leadership
McCray_LauraLaura McCray, MD


Professor and Interim Chair, Network Department of Family Medicine

Email | Bio
Jacobs, Alicia_2Alicia Jacobs, MDAssociate Professor and Vice Chair of Clinical OperationsEmail | Bio


Administrative Staff
 Lori DurieuxDepartment Administrator Email
 Alexis FreemanExecutive AssistantEmail
 Bea Cobeo Financial AssistantEmail
 Rhonda HanleyStudent Services SpecialistEmail
 Lise VanceResidency Education CoordinatorEmail


Department of Family Medicine Full-time Faculty
Bamford_Jennifer_HJennifer Bamford, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
Caitlin Baran, MDAssistant Professor, Palliative MedicineEmail | Bio
Barnard_Diana_HDiana Barnard, MDAssociate Professor, Palliative MedicineEmail | Bio
 Mary Bouras, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio 
Berns_Stephen_vStephen Berns, MDAssociate Professor, Physician Site Leader, and Director of Education, Palliative MedicineEmail | Bio
 Lauren Bode, PharmDAssistant Professor 
 Carolyn Boscia, MDAssistant Professor Email | Bio
Calkins_Whitney_UVMWhitney Calkins, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
Cangiano_MichelleMichelle Cangiano, MDAssociate Professor and Physician Site LeaderEmail | Bio
Laura Beth Chamberlain, MDAssistant Professor and Associate Program Director, Family Medicine ResidencyEmail | Bio
CichoskiKelly_EileenEileen CichoskiKelly, PhDAssociate ProfessorEmail | Bio
Clements_Ben_HBen Clements, MD, FAWMAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
Jaina Clough, MDAssistant Professor, Palliative Medicine Email | Bio
Kelley Collier, MDAssistant Professor and Clerkship DirectorEmail | Bio
Kayla Corbett, MDAssistant Professor Email | Bio
 John Dunn, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
 Judy Fingergut, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
 Benjamin Flinn, MDAssistant Professor 
 Arturo Guajardo, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
 Maggie Graham, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail
 Kathryn Grenoble, MDAssistant Professor 
Gramling, Robert_HRobert Gramling, MD, DScProfessor and Research Director and the Holly and Bob Miller Chair of Palliative Medicine Email | Bio
Hageman_KimberlyKimberly Hageman, MDAssistant Professor and Physician Site LeaderEmail | Bio
Harrison, MaryMary Harrison, DOAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
Humphrey_RachelRachel Humphrey, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
Justin Hurlburt, DMD, MAClinical Assistant Professor and Dental Residency DirectorEmail | Bio
 Rachel Inker, MDAssistant Professor and Physician Site LeaderEmail
Anja Jokela, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
Amalia Kane, MDAssistant Professor Email| Bio
Keegan_ClaraClara Keegan, MDAssociate ProfessorEmail | Bio
 Cecily Kennedy, MDAssistant Professor 
King_JohnJohn King, MD, MPHProfessor and Associate Dean for Continuing Medical and Interprofessional EducationEmail l Bio
Kolb_AmandaAmanda Kolb, MDAssistant Professor and Associate Clerkship Director
Email | Bio
Koutras_AnyaAnya Streeter, MDAssociate Professor and Director of Fourth-Year ProgramsEmail | Bio
Nancy Long, MDAssociate Professor and Medical Director, UVMHN Home Health and HospiceEmail | Bio
Jose (Tony) Lopez, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio 
Elizabeth Landell, MDAssistant Professor Email | Bio 
Leubbers_RobertRobert Luebbers, MDAssociate Professor Email | Bio
Maloney_Sean_vSean Maloney, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
Mariani_Kathy_WKatherine Mariani, MD, MPHAssociate Professor Email | Bio
 Karla Martinez-Dulmer, MDAssistant Professor 
 Alison Mercier, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
Morris_AnneAnne Morris, MDAssociate Professor and Residency Program DirectorEmail | Bio
 Scott Neary, MDAssistant Professor 

Jon Porter, MD Assistant Professor and Medical Director of Complex Pain Management Service Email | Bio
Powers_GordonGordon Powers, MDAssistant Professor and Associate Residency DirectorEmail | Bio
Reback_Charlotte_WCCharlotte Reback, MDAssociate ProfessorEmail | Bio
Maija Reblin, PhDAssociate Professor Email | Bio
Reisman_DavidDavid Reisman, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
Reiter_Aaron_WCAaron Reiter, MDAssistant Professor and Assistant Clerkship DirectorEmail | Bio
Rodriguez_Brian_HBrian Rodriguez, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
 Charles Schmitt, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
Martha SeagraveMartha Seagrave, PA-CProfessor and Director of Medical Student Education ProgramsEmail | Bio
Andrew Sheridan, MDAssistant Professor Email | Bio
313 Kimberly A Sikule 2Kimberly Sikule, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
Sproul_MargaMarga Sproul, MDAssociate Professor of Family Medicine EmeritaEmail | Bio
Christine Staats, MDAssistant Professor Email | Bio
Swift_David_HWDavid Swift, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
Ward_Norman_WCNorm Ward, MDAssociate ProfessorEmail | Bio
John Wax, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
Weinstein_DanDaniel Weinstein, MDAssistant ProfessorEmail | Bio
Whitney_Patty_HPatricia Whitney, MDAssistant Professor, Palliative MedicineEmail | Bio
Williams_AnthonyAnthony Williams, MDAssistant Professor and Assistant Dean for AdmissionsEmail | Bio