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DUF_4717We are dedicated to taking care of your entire household, from newborns and pediatrics, through adulthood and geriatrics.

We provide obstetrical care and deliveries, care for your children as they grow into adulthood, and care for adults of all ages. We offer annual health physicals, sports and work forms, as well as care for acute illnesses and chronic diseases. We provide a continuity of health care for your entire life, from providers who get to know you well. In short, we’re here to meet you and your family’s health care needs when you need us.

For more information, see our Annual Report.

Quality patient care; quality educational programs; advancement of the family medicine specialty 

The Department of Family Medicine is an academic and clinical department with an evidence-oriented mission that includes clinical care across the family spectrum, community engagement, clinically relevant research and scholarship, and outstanding education for medical students, residents, and providers across Vermont. 

Location & Facilities

Our academic office is located on the University of Vermont campus, and adjacent to The University of Vermont Medical Center, fostering a culture of collaboration and partnership. Learn more about living in Burlington.

Colchester Collage #1

Message from the Chair


Dear Colleagues,

It is with excitement that I announce that 2023 is the Department of Family Medicine’s 50th anniversary – and we are one of the oldest departments in the country. Starting with a single office in Milton, Vermont in the early 1970’s our network department has steadily matured it’s mission and grown across our region over the past 50 years. As an academic network department, we have committed to providing comprehensive primary care for patients and families of all ages – in the communities where they reside, and we provide acute care medicine, hospice and palliative medicine, and general dentistry care with great pride. We have an amazing medical education portfolio, teaching undergraduate students, medical and nurse practitioner students, residents and fellows, and our peers. We have four GME programs and multiple CMIE programs. Our scholarship is broad and impactful, including communication and caregiver research, educational systems, health services, and emerging care solutions.

Starting with a vision, then the identification of just four providers and one office, we have matured to over 220 providers, 60 salaried faculty, 178 volunteer faculty, and 31 ambulatory offices plus facility care locations across Vermont and Northern New York. We have so much to be proud of for providing a major foundation for primary care in Vermont and Northern New York, for our commitment to our communities and health equity, for training tomorrow’s health care providers, and for advancing the art and science of health care. We are counted on and we deliver! There will be more detail to follow about our 50th anniversary, but I wanted to let you know that we collectively are a remarkable success for our region! Stay tuned...

Thank you so much for all that you do!

Tom Peterson, MD

Thomas C. Peterson, M.D.
Chair & Morris Goldman '29, MD '32 Professor of Family Medicine
Department of Family Medicine

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