Our faculty, students and fellows are providing paradigm-shifting advances at the cutting edge of science and medicine. We embrace a culture of transdisciplinary partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries in undergraduate, graduate and medical teaching and in pursuit of research through collaborative team approaches that combine biochemical, molecular, cellular, in vivo genetic, epigenetic, genomic, proteomic and bioinformatic strategies.



Each faculty member in UVM’s Department of Biochemistry explores very different questions using a wide variety of approaches, systems, and techniques. Nevertheless, what brings us together is our mutual interest in understanding fundamental biological questions at a molecular level. Learn more >>


The goal of the Biochemistry Graduate Program at the University of Vermont is to prepare students for careers in science as both researchers and educators. We accomplish this by expanding their knowledge of both chemistry and biochemistry, while cultivating their ability for critical analysis, creativity and independent study.
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With the publication of the Human Genome and other discoveries describing the molecular basis of life, tremendous opportunities await students with the right background and training. Biochemists study the molecular interactions that guide many processes involved in living organisms. Learn more >>




Learn more about our Accelerated Master's Program in Biochemistry here.


The Bouchard lab works on blood coagulation and mechanisms regulating factor V endocytosis by megakaryocytes. Read more.

Recent News:

Please join us in congratulating Patrick Mullen, a doctoral student in the UVM Neuroscience Graduate Program, as the recipient of the 2020-2021 Rodney L. Parsons Anatomy and Neurobiology Award. Read more.

Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Everse on being selected to receive the 2020 Frederick C. Morin, III, M.D. Educational Leadership Award by the COM Teaching Academy.  Stephen has earned this distinction by consistently developing and implementing educational teaching strategies that have been immensely important for many of our medical students.  

Congratulations to Chris Francklyn, Ph.D., on being one of three University of Vermont professors named Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world’s largest multidisciplinary scientific society, for their outstanding contributions to science. Read more.

Congratulations to Patrick Mullen and Zhaojin Li, both selected to receive a UVM Graduate Alumni Dissertation Fellowship Award from the Larner College of Medicine Alumni Association. This award is presented to current doctoral students who are in their final year of completing research in the laboratory of a Larner faculty member. Mr. Mullen and Ms. Li are both students in the Neuroscience Graduate Program, working with mentors Christopher Francklyn, Ph.D., professor of biochemistry, and Marilyn Cipolla, Ph.D., professor of neurological sciences, respectively.

Congratulations to Professor Jane Lian PhD who has been awarded the 2020 European Calcified Tissue Society’s Mike Horton Award for recognition of basic and translational contributions to the field of bone and calcified tissue. Read more.

Congratulations to Chris Francklyn on election to membership in the Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering (VASE).  Chris is recognized and appreciated for his consistently outstanding contributions as a scientist, educator, mentor and role model for students in biomedical research.

Perelman Professor and Biochemistry Department Chair, Dr. Gary Stein, Ph.D., is among the individuals selected to join the 40th class of the University of Vermont Graduate College’s University Scholars for the 2020-21 academic year. Read more.

Student News:

Several biochemistry students have received awards for continuing their Summer 2019 research. Read more.

Recent Publications:

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Featured Publication:

Facile removal of 4-methoxybenzyl protecting group from selenocysteine.

Jenny KA, Ste Marie EJ, Mose G, Ruggles EL, Hondal RJ. J Pept Sci. 2019 Aug 13:e3209. doi: 10.1002/psc.3209. PMID: 31410953.

Read more about the Hondal lab here.