Accelerated Master's Program (AMP) in Biochemistry

The objective of our Accelerated Master's Program (AMP) in Biochemistry is to provide students both a theoretical and practical knowledge of fundamental biochemical concepts while preparing students for careers in research (academic or industrial) or increasing their competitiveness for additional graduate degrees.

Our AMP in Biochemistry is only available to UVM students who have:

  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.2
  • Satisfactory completion of BIOC 205 & BIOC 206 before acceptance into the program
  • Completion of the Graduate College Application form
  • Agreement of a UVM Biochemistry faculty member to serve as AMP advisor (this faculty member should also write one of the three recommendation letters in support of the student's application to the Graduate College).

It is anticipated that students will apply for acceptance into the program in the Spring of their Junior year or Fall of their Senior year. Application instructions can be found here.

If you do not meet these requirements, please click here to learn more about the Two-Year Master's Program in Biochemistry.

A minimum of 30 credits and successful completion of a comprehensive exam are required for completion of the accelerated master’s degree in biochemistry. It is anticipated that students can complete the degree over two semesters (one year). Students must meet all of the requirements stipulated by the UVM Graduate College for the Master's Degree.

Students may take up to nine credit hours of graduate level coursework before the conferral of the bachelor’s degree. Of these, a maximum of six credit hours may be counted for both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The other three credit hours can only count toward the master’s degree provided they are not used in completing the bachelor’s degree. Students would then be expected to complete remaining master’s degree requirements during a fifth year of study. 

 Students must complete the following courses*:

BIOC 301** (6001)General Biochemistry I3 Credits
BIOC 302** (6002)General Biochemistry II3 Credits
BIOC 381 (6381)Biochemistry Seminar2 Credits
BIOC 391 (6392)

Master's Thesis Research 

9 Credits (up to 13)

* If a physical chemistry course has not been taken previously, a student must take Physical Chemistry (CHEM 165) in their first year (for which they do not receive credit toward the MS degree).
 ** Successful completion of BIOC 205(3005)/BIOC 206(3006) can substitute for BIOC 301(6001)/BIOC 302(6002) requirement for previous UVM students only. However, these will not count towards the 30 graduate credit requirement.  

Students must complete at least two upper level courses (6 credits) from the following selection of courses:

BIOC 351 (6051)Proteins I: Structure & Functions3 Credits
BIOC 352Proteins: Nucleic Acids Interactions3 Credits
BIOC 353Proteins II: Enzymology3 Credits
BIOC 370

Physical Biochemistry

3 Credits

BIOC 372 (6072)Cancer Biology3 Credits

Remaining credits in the degree program are selected from a diverse list of UVM courses.

Advancement to candidacy requires satisfactory completion of a comprehensive exam, as well as completion of a written thesis and defense of this thesis.

For more information about our program, please contact Dr. Robert Kelm, Graduate Studies Committee Chair.