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The Project ECHO model™. Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is an evidence-based interactive distance-learning method developed by researchers at the University of New Mexico.  The ECHO model™ links teams of interdisciplinary specialists with primary care clinicians.  During teleECHO™ sessions, experts mentor and share their expertise across a virtual network via case-based learning, enabling primary care practice teams to treat patients with complex conditions in their own communities.

University of Vermont Project ECHO Lyme Disease and Tick-borne Illness

This program will highlight best practices and evidence-based care for treating patients with exposure to ticks, and associated illnesses, with a focus on Lyme disease. The program will identify strategies, screening tools, resources, and emerging topics in this field. The intended audience is a cohort of individuals or practice teams, including family medicine, and internal medicine throughout Vermont.

This program is offered at no-cost to participants through a grant from the Vermont Department of Health. Participants can receive CME credits for each learning session attended.  A limited number of practice-level stipends are available for participating practice teams.  Please see the practice stipend application for details.

General questions about the University of Vermont’s Project ECHO can be directed to, clinical/topic-specific questions can be directed to 


May 17, 2019 - October 25, 2019 Project ECHO Lyme Disease and Tick-borne Illness series


This educational series starts on May 17th.  Please register by May 3rd.

This program is free to participants and has limited enrollment.  Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis. 

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Practice-Level Stipend Application

University of Vermont Project ECHO Lyme Disease and Tick-borne Illness Overview


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Session Materials


Project ECHO Orientation
Program Overview
Anatomy of teleECHO Session
Case Presentation Templates
Tick-borne Illness/Epidemiology

Session Slides


6/21/2019Early localized Lyme diagnosis, treatment, and interpreting testsSession Slides
7/19/2019Early disseminated and late Lyme diagnosis and treatment (cardiac, rheumatologic, neurologic)Session Slides
8/16/2019Chronic Lyme DiseaseSession Slides
9/20/2019AnaplasmosisSession Slides
10/25/2019Other tick-borne diseases (babesiosis, etc.)Session Slides