Department Chair
Gregory L. Holmes, M.D.Chair(802) 656-4588 Email | Bio
Augustine, Ann, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-5338Email | Bio
Barry, JeremyAssistant Professor(802) 656-4670Email |
Bazarsky, Allyson, D.O.
Assistant Professor
(802) 847-4589
Email |
Bingham, Peter M, M.D.Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Black, Deborah, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email l Bio
Black, Ellen, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-9397Email | Bio
Boyd, James T. M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Braas, Karen, Ph.D.Associate Professor(802) 656-4579Email | Bio
Brittain, Stephen, M.D.Clinical Assistant Professor(802) 775-4266Email | Bio
Cipolla, Marilyn, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-8436Email | Bio | Lab
Commichau, Christopher S., M.D.Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Cornbrooks, Carson, Ph.D.Associate Professor(802) 656-0406Email | Bio
Ezerman, Elizabeth, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-0499Email | Bio
Flynn, Sean, Ph.D.Assistant Professor (802) 656-2831Email | Bio
Forehand, Cynthia, Ph.D.Professor, Dean of the Graduate College (802) 656-8060Email | Bio
Fries, Timothy J., M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2788Email | Bio
Hamill, Robert W., M.D.Professor and Chair Emeritus(802) 656-4588Email | Bio
Hehir, Michael K., M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Hirtz, Deborah., M.D.Professor(802) 847-4589Email l Bio
Jaworski, Diane, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-0538Email | Bio
Kolb, Noah, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email |
Krantz, Jamie Asnis, M.D.Clinical Assistant Professor(802) 223-7008Email | Bio
Langevin, Helene, M.D.Associate Professor(802) 656-1001Email | Bio | Lab
Lenck-Santini, Pierre Pascal, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-2829Email | Bio
Linares, Guillermo, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-8366Email |
Mahoney, John MatthewAssistant Professor(802) 656-4580Email |
Mawe, Gary, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-8257Email | Bio | Lab
May, Victor, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-4579Email | Bio
McCarthy, Sarah A., Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-8983Email | Bio
McSherry, Joseph, M.D., Ph.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2788Email | Bio
Moustakas, Argirios, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 862-5759Email l Bio
Nagle, Keith J., M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2788Email | Bio
Parsons, Rodney, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-2148Email | Bio
Pendlebury, William, M.D.Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Pippenger, Charles E., Ph.D.Adjunct ProfessorEmail | Bio
Rasmussen, Lisa AnneAssistant Professor(802) 656-4584Email |
Scott, Rodney, M.D. Ph.D.Professor/Vice-Chair for Research, Neurological Sciences(802) 656-2828Email | Bio
Shapiro, Robert E., M.D., Ph.D.Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Smith, Aurelia, M.D.Assistant Professor (802) 847-4589Email |
Solomon, Andrew J., M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Tandan, Rup, M.D., FRCPProfessor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Thomas, Alissa, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-8982Email l Bio
Vitorovic, Danilo, M.D. Assistant Professor(802) 847-2788Email l Bio
Vizzard, Margaret, Ph.D.Professor/Vice-Chair for Education, Neurological Sciences(802) 656-3209Email | Bio | Lab
Waheed, Waqar, M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2788Email | Bio
Wayman, Katherine, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email l Bio
Weston, Matthew., Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-2829Email | Bio
White, Sheryl, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-2007Email| Bio
Joint Faculty
Black, Deborah, M.D.C.M., C.S.P.Q., F.R.C.P.(C.)Clinical Assistant Professor(802)847-4589Email | Bio
Braff, Steven P., M.D.Professor Department of Radiology(802) 847-3592Email | Bio
Dunning, Susan, M.D.Assistant Professor Department of Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine(802) 847-6177Email | Bio
Delay, Rona, Ph.D.Associate Professor Department of Biology(802) 656-4086Email | Bio
Podhajski, Blanche, Ph.D.Clinical Associate Professor Department of Communication Sciences(802) 878-2332Email | Bio
Spees, Jeffrey, Ph.D.Associate Professor Department of Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine(802) 656-2388Email | Bio
Van Houten, Judith, Ph.D.Professor Department of Biology(802) 656-0452Email | Bio
Residents & Fellows
Abe, Kylie, M.D.
Arnold, Lisa D.O.
PGY-1 (Internal Medicine)
(802) 847-4589
Boyer, Edward, M.D.Clinical Neurophysiology Fellow
(802) 847-4589Email
Cozart, Elizabeth, M.D.
PGY-1 (Internal Medicine)
(802) 847-4589
Dasari, Sidarth, M.D.
PGY-1 (Internal Medicine)
(802) 847-4589
Decker, Barbara, M.D.PGY- 4
(802) 847-4589Email
Dunham, Aaron, M.D. PGY-3(802) 847-4589Email
Fuino, Robert, M.D.
PGY-2(802) 847-4589Email
Kelly, Sean, M.D.
Sleep Medicine Fellow
(802) 847-4589Email
Lorance, David, M.D. PGY-4(802) 847-4589Email
Maneval, Jeffrey, M.D.
PGY-2(802) 847-4589
Mrad, Luay, M.D.
PGY-2(802) 847-4589
Phillips, Nicholas M.D.PGY-4 (802) 847-4589Email
Piccirillo, Nicole, M.D.
PGY-1 (Internal Medicine)
(802) 847-4589Email
Sabra, Mark, M.D.PGY-4(802) 847-4589Email
Sobhani, Fatemeh, M.D. PGY-3(802) 847-4589Email
Taylor, J. Steele, M.D. PGY-3(802) 847-4589Email
Theriault, Michael, M.D.
PGY-1 (Internal Medicine)
(802) 847-4589Email
Postdoctoral Associates
Chapman Johnson, Abbie, Ph.D.Post Doctoral Associate(802) 656-4231Email
Hernan, Amanda, Ph.D.Post Doctoral Associate(802) 656-2830Email
Gowen, Charlotte

Binter Center Program Coordinator

(802) 847-4334Email
Baker, Jeanette, R.N., N.P.Nurse Practitioner(802) 847-4589Email
Bateman, LynnAnatomical Gift Program Technician(802) 656-4638Email
Bigelow, SharronFinancial Assistant(802) 656-4588Email
Bossick, SandyCOBRE Neuroscience Administrator(802) 656-0420Email
Buttolph, ThomasTechnician COBRE Cellular/Molecular Facility(802) 656-4549Email
Chan, Siu-Lung, Ph.D.Researcher / Analyst (802) 656-4231Email | Bio
Clason, Todd, M.S.Researcher / Analyst COBRE Imaging/Physiology Facility(802) 656-0413Email
Fay, Deborah D.Residency Program Administrator
(802) 656-5175Email
Fiske, TriciaExecutive Assistant(802) 656-5176Email
Fox, James R. Research Engineer(802) 656-3209Email
Girard, Beatrice, Ph.DResearch Analyst(802) 656-4602 Email
Houston, EmilyResearch Coordinator(802) 656-8974Email
Kenney, Sharon, R.N., CCRCClinical Research Nurse(802) 656-5552Email
Lavoie, Brigitte, Ph.D.Researcher/ Analyst Mawe Laboratory(802) 656-0596Email
Line, Steven Anatomical Gift Program Director(802) 656-2261Email
Low, JaneClinical Research Coordinator(802) 847-0983Email
Lucy, ShannonResearch Project Assistant(802) 656-4588Email
Malley, SusanSenior Laboratory Technician(802) 656-1196Email
McGrath, Sandra, M.S., F.N.P.Nurse Practitioner(802) 847-4589Email
Merriam, Laura, M.S.Technician COBRE Neuroscience(802) 656-8044 or (802) 656-0403Email
Mills, DanielGrant Management(802) 656-0435Email
Parker, Kate
Fellowship Program Administrator
(802) 656-1483
Poland, JenniferClerkship Coordinator(802) 656-4675Email
Stetson, Joanne K.Administrator(802) 656-3871Email
Timms-Brisson, BridgetEducation Services Coordinator(802) 656-4676Email
Tremble, Sarah M.Laboratory Technician(802) 656-4240Email
Affiliated Staff
Perkins, CarrieNeuroscience Graduate Program Assistant(802) 656-1178Email