Conferences & Seminars

Contact the Nephrology Division Academic Office at (802) 847-2534 to confirm speakers, times, and locations.

Weekly Nephrology Conference Every MondayRehab 2 Conference Room, UHC 1 - 2 PM
Nephrology Case Conference Every FridayRehab 2 Conference Room, UHC1 - 2 PM
Nephrology Journal Clubs Thursday Evenings Varies 
Fellows Pathophysiology ConferenceVaries Rehab 2 Conference Room, UHC  

Fellowship Training Program

Weekly Nephrology Conference: In this activity, an attending or fellow reviews scientific work that derives either from a clinical case or a research problem or literature review. The goal is to prepare the trainee to communicate effectively as a scientist and clinician.

Nephrology Case Conference: This activity occurs every Friday, and exercises all 6 ACGME core competencies.

Nephrology Journal Clubs: Two types of journal clubs occur each month: nephrology (clinical, research, or translational) and transplantation. Two presenters discuss an article (or topic) of their own choosing, and although the papers are usually recent articles from the literature, any important article may be presented.

Nephrology Fellows Pathophysiology Conference: Pathophysiology conferences are presented by fellows in collaboration with a faculty mentor. Pathophysiology conferences are an important component of our core curriculum, and represent an opportunity for the fellows to take the lead, with the faculty in a supporting role. The first ten conferences represent the core emergency lecture series in nephrology, and are given by faculty. The entire list of topics is given in the section on the details of the curriculum.

Multidisciplinary Clinical Dialysis Conference: This patient management conference meets every Tuesday at 2:30 PM. All 6 competencies are exercised in this activity.

Kidney Biopsy Conference: This conference is directed by Dr. Pam Gibson, our kidney pathologist, and occurs every month. All native and transplant kidney biopsies from the preceding 4-6 weeks are reviewed at this conference. Because fellows do all kidney biopsies, the fellow should take it upon themselves to review—with Dr. Gibson and preferably the attending who supervised them—each kidney biopsy s/he performs. Not only is this important for becoming familiar with the pathology of the kidney, it is also required for the subset of kidney biopsies that the fellows themselves will be presenting at the biopsy conference.

Department of Medicine Grand Rounds:  Fellows are expected to attend this core departmental conference, which meets in the Davis Auditorium every Friday at 8AM. 

Department of Medicine Morbidity and Mortality Conference: Fellows are expected to attend this core departmental conference, which meets in the Davis Auditorium one Friday every month.

Department of Medicine Seminar Series for Fellows: Each semester, the department runs a Medicine Fellowship Training Program Lecture Series consisting of 8 lectures of general interest to all fellows, who are expected to attend.

See the Fellowship Conference Academic Calendar for a month-by-month listing.