Academic and Clinical Excellence

Our division offers educational programs and clinical research opportunities in conjunction with the clinical care provided at The University of Vermont Medical Center.

Our faculty has expertise in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute and chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, kidney stones, fluid and electrolytes disorders, and the medical management of kidney transplantation.

Research & Education

We pursue excellence in patient care through the improvement of understanding of the disease processes, and the development of new strategies in the treatment of individuals with kidney disease.

The advancement of science is dependent upon a commitment to education. Our two-year nephrology fellowship program gives fellows the opportunity to acquire solid training from our faculty physcians in the care of patients with kidney diseases, and in basic or clinical research.

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Department of Medicine

Richard Solomon, MD

Faculty Showcase

Richard Solomon, MD
Patrick Professor of Medicine

Acute Kidney Injury

A central role for a Nephrologist is the management of patients at risk for or who develop acute kidney injury (AKI). AKI, even of a transient and of relatively minor severity is associated with poor in-hospital outcomes and long-term progression to chronic kidney disease and shortened survival. Until recently, our ability to diagnose AKI has been delayed because of our reliance on a rise in serum creatinine that lags behind a change in glomerular filtration rate by days. This lack of timely diagnosis of AKI has undermined efforts to develop effective therapeutics to reverse or minimize AKI.  Read more >>