Holmes Research Laboratory

Area of interest

Dr. Holmes' research laboratory focuses on the role of platelets in tumor angiogenesis and metastasis and the inhibition of cancer progression using platelet antagonist therapy. Studies conducted in the laboratory suggest protein release from platelets can be selectively regulated to influence cancer progression. Current studies focus on the influence of key platelet activation pathways and selective activation antagonists on angiogenic protein release from platelets and the processes of angiogenesis and metastasis using cellular models. Clinical studies are currently accruing patients to determine the influence of aspirin therapy and plavix therapy on platelets in women with breast cancer.

In addition to platelet based laboratory and clinical studies, Dr. Holmes also has an active clinical and research interest in thrombosis and hemostasis. She is the PI for a recently completed single center, randomized, blinded study designed to determine the impact of lymphedema therapy on post-thrombotic syndrome is also actively involved in thrombosis and malignancy program.