The Thrombosis, Hemostasis and Cancer Collaborative

Dr. Chris HolmesThe Thrombosis, Hemostasis and Cancer Collaborative at the University of Vermont Cancer Center was formally established in 2014 and  is dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients by decreasing the vascular complications associated with cancer and its treatments.  Thrombosis (blood clots) represents the second major cause of death in patients with cancer and patients who develop blood clots have an increase in the risk of dying as well as a decrease in their quality of life.  The UVM Cancer Center collaborative is focused on reducing blood clots (thrombosis) and bleeding (hemorrhage) in cancer patients as they receive their cancer treatments.

 The Collaborative includes researchers with decades of leadership in the fields of coagulation, cardiovascular disease and cancer at the University of Vermont.  The memberships is multidisciplinary and includes oncologists, hematologists, pathologists and cardiologists in addition to our epidemiology, basic and translational researchers.  The collaborative also values the contribution made by patient advocates, nurses and quality experts to the overall mission of the team. 

What makes the University of Vermont Thrombosis, Hemostasis and Cancer Collaborative unique?
                                                                      We work TOGETHER! 
It is the combination of passionate hematologists, oncologists and nurses working closely together to care for patients and collaborate with research colleagues to improve lives -one patient at a time.