conversehallExcellence in Clinical Care, Education and Research 

The Division of Geriatric Medicine specializes in providing world-class, personalized medical care to older adults in a variety of settings, including nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, clinics, and patient homes.  We strive to get to know our patients as individuals and recognize the important role that their family, friends, caregivers, and community play in their identity and in their care.  We are excited to work with our colleagues across Vermont and Northern New York State to ensure that our area remains one of the best places in the country to age in place.


Patient Care

As the largest group of geriatricians in Vermont and the Northern Tier of New York State, we are a major provider of care to older adults across our state and region.  We are trained in the complex care of older adults and endeavor to take a “big picture” view of the people we serve.  While we have expertise in treating geriatric syndromes including falls, frailty, memory loss, and late life depression, we also focus on helping our patients to articulate their hopes, goals, and wishes and to continue to live active, independent lives for as long as possible.


Our geriatricians play a key role in teaching medical students, residents, undergraduates, graduate students, and providers across the region in issues affecting older adults.  In addition, we speak widely on topics in aging in public venues across the region; we are interviewed frequently by newspaper and television reporters on the subject; and we provide evidence-based guidance to partners in community organizations as well as local and state government.


Our faculty conduct research on a wide variety of topics affecting older adults in partnership with and with the support of the University of Vermont Center on Aging.  Particular areas of focus include care of patients with cognitive impairment including delirium and dementia, care of older adults with chronic kidney disease, and care of older adults in the emergency department.