EndoLab_DiazandJettonEducation250x180The faculty members of the Endocrine Division share a common passion and devotion to education. In addition to daily inpatient and outpatient teaching on rounds and in the clinic, we offer an elective to medical students and residents designed to bolster their knowledge on the insulin mechanisms of action and dosing, as well as all other areas of endocrinology with a focus on how to recognize, work-up, diagnose, and manage common endocrine disorders.

We offer mentoring to pre-medical undergraduate students as well as research mentorship for programs to post-baccalaureate and graduate students. We have approximately 30 medical students on clinical rotations, along with Internal Medicine residents. The number of residents selecting endocrinology is on the rise.

Our faculty provide outreach teaching to primary care providers, nurse practitioners, and other community physicians interested in endocrine issues. Our certified diabetic educators (CDEs) provide classes on diabetes education, self-care, and support for patients and their loved ones, as well as seminars on various aspects of diabetes and living with chronic disease.