EMED 3200 - Emergency Medicine Research II

Students will apply what they’ve learned in EMED 3000 and 3010 to assist in clinical research in the emergency department as a research associate. Students in this class will screen emergency department medical records in real time to identify potential research subjects. Furthermore, as research chiefs, students will observe the consent process performed by research associates/staff coordinators and implement a ‘train the trainer’ model through the mentoring of EMED 3010 student research associates. Students are required to conduct themselves in a manner that embodies respect and professionalism. 

3 creditsSURG Image for EMRAP Course 220
Offered Fall and Spring- in person only
Pre-requisites: EMED 3000, EMED 3010, & instructor permission

  • Complete shifts in the emergency department consenting human subjects into a variety of clinical research studies
  • Fulfill leadership responsibilities as Chief Research Associate
  • Assist with research laboratory duties including blood processing
  • Become an EMRAP teaching assistant (TA)

Students are saying:

“Loved it, would recommend to anyone looking ahead at a medical career.”

“Very useful, helpful, enjoyable”