Research Subject Enrollment

We are pleased to announce we now have the ability to link research patient data in GE to electronic medical records in PRISM.  This will enable us to enhance patient safety, make PRISM a more robust data resource for researchers, and bring us into compliance with research billing regulations.

As of January 1, 2014 researchers and research staff will need to complete a registration form for any University of Vermont Medical Center patients executing a new consent form to participate in a research study.  Completed forms must be sent to UVM Medical Center Registration. Registration staff will enter this information into GE, which will then transfer to the patient’s record in PRISM.  Active research participants currently enrolled in clinical research need to be registered through this process no later than January 1, 2015.  Research participants who are not registered UVMMC patients, or when the research subject’s only participation is through online, web-based, or phone surveys, as well as in person interviews or paper questionnaires, do not need to be registered.  Please note that, at this time, research study titles will not be visible in the electronic medical record (EMR). However, we are actively working with the IRB to include additional study information in the EMR in the future as a patient safety measure.

Why are we doing this?

We’re embarking on this change for three major reasons:

  1. Patient safety will be enhanced because we’ll be able to see in PRISM when our patients are enrolled in clinical studies.  Having a complete picture of a patient’s activities across our institution enables us to provide the safest, most appropriate care.  

  2. We will be able to enhance our ability to leverage the EMR as source for future research endeavors. 

  3. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that some (but not all) clinical trials claims have an accompanying National Clinical Trial Registry number.  All research claims must be billed as research – not clinical care.  Billing research costs in any other way is considered fraudulent, and significant fines have been levied against other major Academic Medical Centers (AMC) for billing research incorrectly.  Some have been banned from doing future research. This workflow will enhance our ability to be in billing compliance for research studies.  

Completed forms must be submitted to “Registration – Research StudiesOutlook Mailbox or FAX to 847-4179.  We appreciate your support of this important initiative, and look forward to the opportunities it will provide to enhance research activities at The University of Vermont Medical Center and UVM. Moving forward, the IRB will be working with the IT Research Subcommittee to ensure that all appropriate protections of human research subjects are in place as we better utilize the EMR to support research.