Group 1: ENDS


Presenter: Kaitlyn Browning, PhD
Substitutability of JUUL and Other Alternative Tobacco Products for Cigarettes in an Experimental Tobacco Marketplace Among Vulnerable Populations (PDF)
Substitutability of JUUL




Presenter: Sulamunn R. M. Coleman, PhD
Examining the Association Between Flavor Categories of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) and Smoking Cessation Among U.S. Women of Reproductive Age, Pregnant and Not-Pregnant (PDF)

ENDS and pregnant and not pregnant women




Nicholas I. Goldenson, PhD
Differences in Switching Away from Cigarettes and JUUL Use Characteristics among Adult Menthol and Nonmenthol Smokers Who Purchased the JUUL System (PDF)

Menthol Users


Presenter: Saul Shiffman, PhD
Changes in Dependence Over One Year among Adult Smokers who Switched Completely or Partially to use of the JUUL System (PDF)

Adults Smokers Who Switched to JUUL

Group 2: Incentives and Opioid Use


Presenter: Sydney Batchelder, PhD
Differences Between Smokers and Non-Smokers Among Opioid-Dependent Treatment Seekers (PDF)

IBT Smokers vs. Nonsmokers Poster



Presenter: Dana E. Bourne, MPH
Implementation of Quitline Financial Incentives to Increase Counseling Sessions among Specific Populations in Vermont (PDF)

Quitline Incentives




Presenter: Rebecca Cole, BA 
Cigarette Smoking in Individuals with Concurrent Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Opioid Use Disorder (PDF)

Smoking, PTSD, OUD





Presenter: Bethany Yon, PhD

Incentivizing Pregnant Women to Quit Smoking in the Real World – A Community-Based Pilot Intervention (PDF)

Incentives and Pregnant Smokers

Group 3: Behavioral Economics


Presenter: Michael Amlung, PhD
Investigating Delayed Reward Discounting and its Neural Correlates as Predictors of Smoking Cessation Outcomes (PDF)

Delayed Reward Discounting



Tyler G. Erath, PhD
A Behavioral-Economic Examination of Differences in the Relative Reinforcing Value of Cigarette Smoking Among Those with Cumulative Vulnerabilities (PDF)

Reinforcing Value of Cigarette Smoking  & Vulnerabilities



Presenter: Carolyn G. Evemy, BS 
Examining the Factor Loading Pattern of a Hypothetical Cigarette Purchase Task (PDF)

Cigarette Purchase Task



Presenter: Eric A. Thrailkill, PhD
Loss Aversion and Risk for Cigarette Smoking and Other Substance Use (PDF)

Loss Aversion