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2019 Session Five: 3:15-4:00 PM

5.1: Fertility: When to be Worried, How to Preserve it bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-sPA_icon
Jessica Heath, MD*

Approximately 70,000 adolescents and young adults are diagnosed with cancer annually in the US. Specific information regarding risk of infertility and fertility preservation is consistently reported as a very important but frequently unmet need in this patient population. This session will address the ways in which fertility may be at risk during cancer treatment, and options available for fertility preservation.

5.2: The Modern Spectrum of Lung Cancer Care bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-r_000PA_iconPharm_icon
Garth Garrison, MD*

This session will discuss trends in lung cancer incidence, with particular emphasis on alarming lung cancer rates in Vermont. The importance of screening, including CT surveillance following treatment of lung cancer, will be emphasized. We will also delve into new and evolving therapies, including airway based therapies and the breakthrough of immunotherapy. Finally, we will discuss survivorship and advocacy.

5.3: Yoga for Health and Wellbeing
Deb Malgeri

Come unwind with this yoga session. We will move and prepare to clear our minds and our chakras as we unwind from a day filled with sharing experiences and gathering information. We will connect with the community while restoring our energy and honoring this day. Please bring your own yoga mat or towel to this session.

5.4: Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise: Guidelines for Older Adults and Individuals with Cancer
UVM Doctor of Physical Therapy Students

The session includes an overview of physical activity and exercise, the relationship of physical activity to health and wellbeing, an overview of what resistance training is and why it is a beneficial component of an exercise program, and exercise guidelines following the American College of Sports Medicine Guidelines for exercise prescription.

5.5: PROVIDER TRACK: Soft Tissue Sarcoma: From Diagnosis to Treatment and Recovery bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-r_000PA_iconPharm_icon
Jessica Cintolo-Gonzalez, MD*

Soft tissue sarcoma is rare and can be found anywhere in the body. Symptoms are often vague, but are important for providers to be aware of in order to diagnose these tumors. Treatment requires multidisciplinary evaluation as does the recovery process. This session gives an overview of the diversity of sarcoma presentations, behaviors during treatment, and considerations for recovery and survivorship for soft-tissue sarcomas.This session is specifically geared toward primary care providers and other health care professionals.

5.6: Demystifying Clinical Trials: How Patients and Researchers Work Together to Improve Cancer Care bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-sPA_iconPharm_icon

Steven Ades, MD, MSc*

This session will provide background and insights into the process of clinical trials research, and provide patients, families, and providers with important information about participating in cancer clinical trials at UVM. Join team members from the UVM Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office, who will highlight specific cancer research stories to illuminate how patients and researchers are working together to change the landscape of cancer treatment.

5.7: Pilates Anywhere: Core Strength and Stability Exercises for Home, Work, and Travel
Janet Franz

This session will provide you with simple exercises that you can do anytime and anywhere to help move more easily, avoid back and hip pain, improve your posture, and enjoy a flatter tummy and tighter bottom. Each exercise can be practiced at your desk, on the floor, standing up, or sitting in a chair.

5.8: PROVIDER TRACK: Advance Care Planning and Advance Directives bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000PA_iconPharm_icon
John Wax, MD

This session describes best practices for communicating patient values in a complex healthcare environment, specifically around cancer patient end of life care. Join us for a brief presentation about how advance directives impact the care of hospitalized or acutely-ill patients. This will be followed by an interactive discussion designed to teach how to empower patients to use advance directives and other tools to formulate and express nuanced healthcare values. This session offers 1 credit in Hospice, Palliative Care and Pain Management, will run until 4:15, and is specifically geared toward health care professionals.



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bcc-pt_000 Physical Therapy CE Credit

bcc-r_000 Radiologic Tech. CE Credit

bcc-s Social Worker CEU

PA_icon Physician Assistant

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*UVM Cancer Center Members


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