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2019 Session Two: 11:15-12:00 PM

2.1: Sunshine and Moles: Prevent and Detect Melanoma bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000PA_icon
Melanie Bui, MD, PhD*

Vermont and New Hampshire have the second and third highest melanoma incidence rates in the nation.  This session will describe what to look for in skin changes, techniques to decrease melanoma risk, how to detect melanoma when it arises and provide health care providers with treatment options for skin cancer.

2.2: Writing for Healing bcc-s
Patricia Fontaine, MACP

Writing for Healing is a form of expression that can enhance the body’s natural ability to heal. This session will explore writing as a means for telling one’s truth, especially in terms of dealing with illness as a patient or caregiver. Participants will practice simple techniques to help begin or enhance their own writing practice. 

2.3: Caring for the Caregiver bcc-nbcc-s 
Kathy McBeth, MA

What are the challenges that caregivers face when taking care of somebody in their life who is facing cancer? This session will discuss some of the tough conversations and difficult choices that caregivers and patients face, as well as some ways to find guidance through those difficult times.

2.4: The 25 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Ovarian Cancer Treatmentbcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000PA_icon
Evelyn Cantillo, MD, MPH

What does an ovarian cancer diagnosis mean and what treatment options are available? This session will answer the common questions associated with ovarian cancer treatment and give deeper insight to the options available. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the disease and the range of current available treatments.

2.5: PROVIDER TRACK: Hot Topics in Breast Cancer Treatment bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000PA_iconPharm_icon
Peter Kaufman, MD*

The landscape of breast cancer care is constantly evolving, challenging physicians and other health care providers to keep up with the latest research findings and treatments. This session will discuss ground-breaking breast cancer research happening both at UVM and elsewhere, as well as the future of breast cancer therapies. This session is specifically geared toward primary care providers and other health care professionals.

2.6: Aging and Cancer: How to Surf the Silver Tsunami with Your Health Care Team bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-r_000PA_icon
Havaleh Gagne, MD

This presentation will review information about cancer and aging with tips on aging well. It will instruct patients on how to utilize their network to ensure good communication, and will equip providers and patients with the knowledge of the most effective strategies to set treatment goals and adopt healthy behaviors for patients who are aging and are often balancing numerous health and life considerations.

2.7: The Impact of a DCIS Diagnosis: What It All Means bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-r_000PA_icon
Donald Weaver, MD*

DCIS, aka “ductal carcinoma in situ,” is the most common type of non-invasive breast cancer. This session will give attendees an understanding of what DCIS is and what it means for patients, explaining the uncertainties regarding future risk for invasive breast cancer. Updates on current research looking to better establish risk of breast cancer after DCIS diagnosis will be discussed.

2.8:Examining the Science of Medical Cannabis and CBD bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-sPA_iconPharm_icon
Karen Lounsbury, PhD*

As the laws surrounding marijuana change, access to cannabis and CBD to treat chronic pain in cancer patients is becoming more prevalent. This presentation will outline the most up-to-date research regarding the effectiveness of medical cannabis and CBD, how these substances affect the brain and the body, and how patients and providers may utilize cannabis during their treatment and beyond.

2.9: The Tentacles of Cancer: Supporting Children During an Adult’s Cancer Diagnosis bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-sPA_icon
Ali Waltien, CCLS

Child life specialist Ali Waltien provides information about supporting children through a parent or adult loved one’s cancer experience. Starting with helpful tools for the newly diagnosed and moving through the variability of experiences in the cancer journey, Ali offers guidance for families navigating the cancer experience with children, and for health care providers to pass along to patients. This will be a small group discussion with time for questions and conversation.

2.10: Culinary Demonstration: Whole Health Nutrition: Eating for Digestive Health
Leslie Langevin, MS, RD, CD

Everyone has some sort of digestive symptoms every now and then or even chronically. Learn how to eat to help your gut thrive and what foods can help with your symptoms, or reduce your risk for many cancers, including colorectal.

2.11: I Have Cancer. Now What?: Prioritizing Self Care and Making Integrative Lifestyle Changes that Truly Work bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-r_000PA_icon
Amy Littlefield, ND, MSOM, LAc, FABNO

After a cancer diagnosis, online forums, blogs, and articles can be overwhelming. This session focuses on lifestyle changes to improve sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress management, explaining the underlying research so patients and providers understand the “why” of the advice. It also outlines the importance of sharing integrative practices with the oncology team, so they can troubleshoot potential negative interactions with treatments.

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