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2019 Lunch Sessions: 12:15-1:00 PM

L.1: Bladder Cancer: Recognizing Early Signs and Understanding Treatments bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-r_000PA_iconPharm_icon

Shahid Ahmed, MD

Bladder cancer is a common and often preventable cancer. This session will provide an overview of symptoms of bladder cancer, which are critical for early diagnosis. It will also cover causes of bladder cancer, who is at greater risk and treatment options for those who are already diagnosed.

L.2: Genetic Counseling and Testing for Inherited Cancer Risk bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-r_000PA_iconPharm_icon
Laura Colello, MS, CGC*

Some cancers are hereditary, and knowing and understanding patient risk can make a major difference in a patient’s life. This session discusses the features of hereditary cancer and explains the genetic counseling process. It includes a review of what happens during a genetic counseling session and explains the risks, benefits, and limitations of undergoing genetic testing for cancer risk.

L.3: Vaping, Juuling, and E-Cigarettes: Public Health Implicationsbcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-sPA_icon

Andrea Villanti, PhD, MPH*

Is the growing popularity of vaping and e-cigarettes a public health epidemic, or a boon for smoking cessation? What are the differences between a vape, an e-cigarette, and a JUUL and why is it important? Patients and providers will learn about evolving forms of nicotine delivery systems and the public health concerns they raise, and about the PACE Vermont study.

L.4: Current Concepts in Management of Upper and Lower Extremity Lymphedema bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-r_000
Elaine Perry, PT

This presentation reviews the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system and lymphedema, provides education regarding risk reduction to help prevent development of lymphedema, and describes current best practice recommendations for treatment of both upper and lower extremity lymphedema. Case studies will be included to show how different treatment interventions are implemented to customize care for the diagnosis of lymphedema.

L.5: PROVIDER TRACK: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: The Anatomy of Plastic Surgery Reconstruction and the Consequences of Theftbcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000PA_icon
Robert Nesbit, MD

This presentation will take providers through patient anatomy before and after reconstruction from cancer-related surgery, and the lifestyle restrictions/side effects that can follow resection and flap reconstruction as well as the complications. This session is specifically geared toward primary care providers and other health care professionals.

L.6: Arsenic and Cancer: Is Your Cancer Risk Increased by Exposure to this Naturally Occurring Element? bcc-p_000bcc-nPA_icon

Diane Gilbert-Diamond, ScD

While arsenic is popularly thought of as a poison for snuffing people out in the movies, it’s also a colorless, odorless, tasteless semi-metal naturally found in the earth’s crust. Arsenic can seep into ground water, especially private wells, and exposure to arsenic can cause cancer. This session discusses common sources of arsenic exposure and ways to mitigate that exposure.



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