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For this our first virtual conference, all conference sessions that were recorded are made available here for you to review, to see sessions you couldn't attend and to share with others! The pre-conference webinar recordings are linked below, as well.

Thank you to those who contributed Healing Words when registering for the 2020 Women's Health and Cancer Conference. The response was overwhelming--what a community we have! Collectively, your words and experiences help us all be connected and supported.
Thank you again and we hope to see you for the 24th Annual Women's Health and Cancer Conference in 2021!

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Additional Programming 

The following programming is available to view at anytime!

Please note: Recorded sessions are not approved for continuing education credit. 

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Keynote: Whole Person Health
Helene Langevin, MD, Director, NCCIH

This session is presented by the director of the  National Institutes of Health's National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), Dr. Helene Langevin. This session provides an update on advances in research on the integration of complementary and conventional care and whole person health. During this session Dr. Langevin will explain the importance of research on the whole person and outline NCCIH’s interests in health promotion, resilience, health restoration and disease prevention.

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Session 1
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Provider Session: Connective Tissue, Stretching and CancerHelene Langevin, MD, Director, NCCIH

Fostering research on health promotion and restoration, disease prevention and symptom management. During this session Dr. Langevin will explain the role of connective tissue in the body, as an interface between the musculoskeletal and immune systems and present research findings on the effect of stretching in animal models of inflammation and cancer.

Please note this session is intended for health care professionals and or students.

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Provider Session: Cardiac Complications of Cancer CareSherrie Khadanga, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

Advances in cancer treatment have led to long-term remission for many cancer survivors. Unfortunately, treatments can result in adverse cardiovascular con¬sequences, including myocardial injury, alterations in endothelial function/thrombosis, hypertension, and more. This presentation will review the common causes and signs of cancer-treatment-associated cardiotoxicities as well as approaches to limiting these complications.

Please note this session is intended for health care professionals and or students.

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Breast Pain: Distinguishing Between Normal and Abnormal CausesHannah Perry, MD*
Breast pain is a common symptom experienced by many women. Fortunately, the majority of cases of breast pain are related to benign causes, such as hormonal variations. During this session we will review different causes of breast pain, including what is considered “normal” and “abnormal,” and we will review how abnormal breast pain is evaluated with mammography and/or ultrasound. View on YouTube
Taking Control with Metastatic Disease
Janet Ely, APRN; Kathy McBeth, PSYCH-MA
A diagnosis of metastatic cancer can be life altering. We will examine the many issues surrounding living with an incurable disease and how the patient and family can navigate decision-making, improve quality of life and foster communication with the medical team.
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Session 2
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Lung Cancer Screening - A new Era for Patients at Risk
Beth Zigmund, MD, Associate Professor of Radiology
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States and, according to a 2018 study by the Vermont Department of Health, affects more Vermonters than any other type of cancer. Now, screening tests may help reduce lung cancer mortality. Learn about the rationale for lung cancer screening, how it works, and who is eligible.
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Virtual Group Exercise:  Meeting the Needs of Survivors During a PandemicPatti O'Brien, MD*;  Rebecca Reynolds, BS, CES/CPT; Patricia Johnson (program alumna)Participants will learn about Steps to Wellness, the UVM Cancer Center’s free 12-week Oncology/Hematology Rehabilitation Program, and how we support and empower cancer survivors through a proven and structured group approach to exercise.  We will explore the transition strategies implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic from in-person exercise training to virtual (remote) group exercise, that have allowed many survivors to stay active and healthy during an unpredictable time. View on YouTube
Updates in Screening, Treatment and Survivorship of Gynecologic Cancers
Cheung Wong, MD*, Medical Director of Gynecologic Oncology and Associate Vice President for Clinical Affairs for the UVM Health Network
This session will present the latest updates in screening, treatment and survivorship of gynecologic cancers including ovarian, uterine and cervical cancers. Participants can expect to gain knowledge important to pursuing the best outcomes for these types of cancers.
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Session 3
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Genetic Counseling and Testing for Inherited Cancer Risk
Wendy McKinnon, MS*, Cancer Genetics Counselor
Approximately 10% of many cancers are due to an inherited susceptibility.  Understanding one’s individual risks for cancer can allow for personalized screening and prevention strategies.  This information may also informed cancer treatments, as well as provide an opportunity for relatives to understand their cancer risk. This session will review the features of hereditary cancers, the process of  genetic counseling and explain the risks, benefits, and limitations of undergoing genetic testing for cancer risk.
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Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy: What you need to know as a patient or provider Noah Kolb, MD*One side effect of certain chemotherapies used to treat cancer is neuropathy, damage or dysfunction to nerve function which can cause numbness, tingling and pain. This session will present: the risk factors and causes of neuropathy related to cancer treatment; how neuropathies are identified; and how patients and care teams can work to prevent, treat, and manage neuropathies to improve quality of life for those affected. View on YouTube
Session 4
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Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Cancer
Shahid Ahmed, MBBS*
We will discuss the role of the immune system in cancer and how recent advances in the last decade have led to major breakthroughs in treatments. We will also see how diet effects the immune system. Lastly, we will go over what the future might look like for immunotherapies and cancer.
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Updates in Breast Density
Elizabeth Watson, MD, MPH*
This session will provide an overview of the definition and implications of having “dense breast tissue” as captured by mammography. We will discuss how this concept prompted a movement of Breast Density Notification Laws throughout the country and gave rise to the new technology of Screening Breast Ultrasound.
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Additional Programming
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A Gentle Meditation and Yoga Practice*Lonnie Poland of Experience Yoga in Milton, Vermont

For this practice, a mat may be helpful; make sure you have solid footing. Socks, while cozy, may be slippery on some surfaces. As with any kind of physical activity, go at your own pace and make modifications as necessary. Not all movements will work for every individual; do what works for you and helps you find a pause in your day.

*Participation is at your discretion and at your own risk.

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iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation Lonnie Poland of Experience Yoga in Milton, Vermont

This gentle practice is offered to help you to experience your natural state of being, joy and wholeness.

iRest is a research-based transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditation currently being utilized in VA hospitals, military bases, hospitals and clinics, hospice, homeless shelters, community programs, and schools. Research has shown that iRest effectively reduces PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and chemical dependency while increasing health, resiliency, and well-being. 
Lonnie is a Physical Therapist; Certified yoga teacher, Reiki Teacher/Practitioner. Experience Yoga studio offers an opportunity and reminder to pause and to experience your own natural state of being, joy and wholeness through meditation, breath and movement.

*Participation is at your discretion and at your own risk.

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Pre-Conference Webinars
Cancer Care and COVID-19Harold J. Wallace, MD*;
Timothy P. Lahey, MD, MMSC - Director, Medical Ethics;
Michelle Sowden, DO*;
Diego A. Adrianzen Herrera, MD*

Please click the link to view the recorded webinar "Cancer Care and COVID-19", a panel discussion about the COVID-19 virus and its impact on cancer care, including what to expect when visiting care providers, or giving care to patients, in person or through a telehealth visit for treatment or preventive care. Representatives and leaders from multiple cancer specialties at the UVM Cancer Center will be joined by a clinical ethicist and infectious disease specialist to answer your questions about this timely topic.

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Let Food Be Thy Medicine: Practical Ways to Up Your Nutrition GameKim Dittus, MD, PhD*;
Leah Pryor, Executive Chef, and chef education at the UVM Medical Center

Hippocrates had it right all those years ago: "Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.”  R. Leah Pryor, Executive Chef of the UVM Medical Center, and Kim Dittus, MD, PhD Medical Oncologist at the UVM Cancer Center team up to talk about improving your diet and/or the diet of your patients, with an emphasis on veggies and other plant foods. Nutrition is an excellent way for cancer survivors and those in treatment to take action to contribute to better health. It is also an important factor in cancer prevention and survivorship. Participants will be able to submit questions and will leave with a list of recipes, meal planning guidance and important information about nutrition as a key to better health.

Additional Information: Resources & Recipes

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Sunshine and Moles: Prevent and Detect MelanomaMelanie Bui, MD, PhD*

Vermont and New Hampshire have the second and third highest melanoma incidence rates in the nation. This webinar will describe what to look for in skin changes, techniques to decrease melanoma risk, how to detect melanoma when it arises, and provide health care providers with treatment options for skin cancer.

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Cancer Screening and Prevention: What all Women Need to Know Elizabeth Watson, MD, MPH*;
Krista Evans, MD
Stephanie Stahl, PA*

Cancer screening guidelines are constantly changing which can cause much confusion for women on what age to start screening and what information they will provide about your health. This health panel describes different screening options for breast, cervical, ovarian, endometrial, vulvar and colorectal cancer, and outlines how patients and providers can incorporate these screenings into their health plans.

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* denotes UVM Cancer Center Member