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Debra Leonard with gene sequencing

As they have for eons, most doctor’s visits begin with measurements that are stored in patient records. Those numbers don’t give a complete medical picture, says Debra Leonard, M.D., Ph.D., but are still measured and recorded. Although a patient’s genome also won’t provide a complete medical picture, it will be “foundational medical information” that allows physicians to fine tune treatments. And while it may seem like the kind of healthcare perk that’s found only at major urban medical centers, it’s not. >> READ MORE

Historical photo of anesthesiologists

From the earliest days of the “ether cone,” to modern techniques tailored to the tiniest of infants, the practice of anesthesiology has a rich and nuanced history. A new book from University of Vermont Associate Professor of Anesthesiology Joseph Kreutz, M.D., titled Anesthesia at the House, chronicles the development of the specialty at UVM. >> READ MORE

Larner College of Medicine sign unveilingOn the afternoon of September 23, a large crowd of faculty, staff, students, administrators, and guests of the University of Vermont celebrated the announcement of an estate commitment with an estimated current market value of $66 million from UVM dual-degree alum and Vermont native Robert Larner, M.D. ’39, M.D.’42, and his wife, Helen. >> READ MORE