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Vermont Medicine Cover Spring 2021Spring 2021 VT Medicine

Spring 2021(PDF)

Feature Stories

Say it Forward (Download PDF)
Diverse Voices, Common Cause (Download PDF)
Supporting Vermont Kids (Download PDF)


Summer 2021 VT MedicineVermont Medicine Summer 2021 Cover with three students in front of College

Fall 2021 (PDF)

Feature Stories
College News (PDF)
"One Dose at a Time" (PDF)
"A Search for Meaning" (PDF)
"Fostering Socially-Conscious Clinicians" (PDF)
Hall A and Class Notes (PDF)



Vermont Medicine Fall 2020 Cover ImageFall 2020 VT Medicine

Fall 2020 (Download PDF)
Feature Stories
The Red Wheelbarrow (Download PDF)
The COVID-19 Pivot (Download PDF)
On Track (Download PDF)


vm_spring2020_cover smallSummer 2020 VT Medicine

Summer 2020 (Download PDF)
Feature Stories
The Pandemic (Download PDF)
Good Incentives (Download PDF)


vm_spring2020_coverSpring 2020 VT Medicine

Spring 2020 (Download PDF)
Feature Stories
Getting Personal (Download PDF)
Positive Change (Download PDF)
Deep Breadth (Download PDF)




vmfall2019cover_smallFall 2019 VT Medicine

Fall 2019 (Download PDF)
Feature Stories
Open Access (Download PDF)
The Patient at the Center (Download PDF)
Ritual of Honor in Hospital Hallways (Download PDF)


Vermont Medicine Summer 2019 CoverSummer 2019 VT Medicine

Summer 2019 (Download PDF)
Feature Stories
Polio: A Memoir (Download PDF)
The Science of Learning in Action (Download PDF)
Dynamic Duos (Download PDF)
A Pioneer in the Lab, and on the Land


Vermont Medicine Summer 2019Spring 2019 VT Medicine

Spring 2019(PDF)
Spring 2019 (Flipbook)
Feature Stories
First Take (PDF)
Be Cause (PDF)
On Her Toes (PDF)




vmfall2018cover_smallFall 2018 VT Medicine

Fall 2018(PDF)
Fall 2018 (Flipbook)
Feature Stories
Infectious Enthusiasm(PDF)
Six Weeks in Uganda (PDF)
Population Partnership(PDF)


Vermont Medicine Summer 2018 CoverSummer 2018 VT Medicine

Summer 2018(PDF)
Summer 2018 (Flipbook)
Feature Stories
Inventing the Wheel (PDF)
The Summit View (PDF)
The Tunbridge Docs (PDF)


Vermont Medicine Winter 2018Winter 2018 VT Medicine

Winter 2018(PDF)
Winter 2018 (Flipbook)
Feature Stories
One Step Closer (PDF)
Remembering Larry Weed, M.D. (PDF)
Decision Time (PDF)



VT Medicine cover spring 2017Spring 2017 VT Medicine

Spring 2017(PDF)
Spring 2017 (Flipbook)
Feature Stories
Empathy Throughout the World (PDF)
Backing into Excellence (PDF)




Vermont Medicine Fall 2016 cover

Fall 2016 VT Medicine

Fall 2016(PDF)
Fall 2016 (Flipbook)
Feature Stories
A New Chapter (PDF)
All in the Genes (PDF)
Anesthesia at the House (PDF)


Vermont Medicine Summer 2016 cover imageSummer 2016 VT Medicine

Summer 2016(PDF)
Summer 2016 (Flipbook)
Feature Stories
The Leadiatrician (PDF)
Multiple Choice (PDF)
Research the Resonates (PDF)



Vermont Medicine Year in Review 2015 cover imageYear in Review 2015 VT Medicine

Year in Review(PDF)
Year in Review (Flipbook)
Feature Stories
Mission: Education (PDF)
Mission: Research (PDF)
Mission: Patient Care (PDF)
Mission: Community (PDF)

Vermont Medicine Fall 2015 cover imageFall 2015
VT Medicine

Fall 2015 (PDF)
Fall 2015 (Flipbook)
Feature Stories
Pride of Place (PDF)
Breathing Life (PDF)
Partners in Practice (PDF) 

Vermont Medicine Summer 2015 cover imageSummer 2015
VT Medicine

Summer 2015(PDF)
Summer 2015 (Flipbook) 
Feature Stories
Making Opportunities(PDF)
The Heart of Translational Research (PDF)
The Physician's Art (PDF)


Vermont Medicine Year in Review 2014 cover image2014 Year in Review VT Medicine

Year in Review (PDF)
Year in Review (Flipbook) 

Feature Stories
Insight & Inspiration (PDF)
The Hidden System (PDF)
Tying it Together (PDF)

Vermont Medicine Summer 2014 cover image2014 Summer VT Medicine

Summer 2014 (PDF)
Summer 2014 (Flipbook)

Feature Stories
Branching Out (PDF)
Ideas with a Future (PDF)
The Greatest Good (PDF)



Vermont Medicine Year in Review 2013 cover image

2013 Year in Review VT Medicine

Year in Review (PDF)

Feature Stories
Taken to Heart: Frank Ittleman, M.D. (PDF)
Making Scientists for the 21st Century (PDF)

Vermont Medicine Fall 2013 cover image

Volume 50, Issue 1, VT Medicine

Volume 50, Issue 1 (PDF)

Feature Stories
25 Years of Care and Advocacy (PDF)
A Look Ahead to a Life in Medicine (PDF)
Anatomy of an Extraordinary Life (PDF)

Vermont Medicine Summer 2013 cover image

Volume 50, Issue 2, VT Medicine

Volume 50, Issue 2 (PDF)

Feature Stories
Probing the Mysteries of Trauma (PDF)
A 50 Year Record (PDF)
A Tale of Two Neuroscientists (PDF)


Vermont Medicine Year in Review 2012 cover imageYear in Review 2012 VT Medicine

Year in Review(PDF)

Feature Stories
Making it Real (PDF)
New Approaches (PDF)

Vermont Medicine Volume 29 Issue 1 cover image2012 Vol 49 Issue 1 VT Medicine

Vol 49, Issue 1 (PDF)

Feature Stories
Lessons from Dona Paulina (PDF)
Filling the Gap (PDF)

Vermont Medicine Volume 49 Issue 2 cover image2012 Vol 49 Issue 2 VT Medicine

Vol 49, Issue 2(PDF)

Feature Stories
Idea Man (PDF)
World Records (PDF)
Five Decades and Still Ticking (PDF)