Vermont Medicine magazine features stories about students, faculty, and the alumni of the Larner College of Medicine and its engagement with the wider community.

Ralph Budd, M.D.

University Distinguished Professor Ralph Budd, M.D., fancies himself a late bloomer. He’s almost apologetic for not having considered studying medicine till he was well into his junior year of college, and for not settling on a specialty until the fi nal rotation of his clinical year of medical school. In his research, he thinks he’s sometimes a little slower than he might be. Budd was the force behind the establishment of the Division of Immunobiology in the Department of Medicine. He is also the founder and director of the Vermont Center for Immunology and Infectious Diseases (VCIID). >> READ MORE

Empathy throughout the World

Vulnerable. Humble. Sometimes even angry. These are some of the emotions medical students have expressed after returning to Vermont at the end of a global health rotation through the Larner College of Medicine’s Global Health Program in partnership with Western Connecticut Health Network. It takes time, but these feelings often coalesce into a changed outlook on their chosen profession. Many come to a deeper understanding of how different health care systems and socioeconomic structures affect patients’ lives. Most are changed by their experiences. >> READ MORE