Learning Resources

The VT LEND program has developed learning modules for several Autism screening tools as well as other instructional materials in an effort to create additional resources for the Autism support community in Vermont as well as the Autism support community at large. These resources can help train primary health care and community providers for children birth to 6 who use best practices in the screening and referral of children at risk for or suspected of having an ASD as well as the training and development of regional interdisciplinary, family-centered and culturally competent assessment teams who are implementing best practices in the differential diagnosis of children with ASD.


VT LEND Autism Grant Extension and Learning Resources

As a part of the VT LEND Grant Expansion, the program has designed the following learning modules for Autism Screening tools

Practitioner Resources

The VT LEND program has also developed some additional resources to aid practitioners who work with children with Autism or those about whom the practitioner might concerns for Autism or other developmental delays.

  • Supporting Somali Families to with a New Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Supporting Somali Families to Understand Developmental Screening
Annotated Bibliography with more information on Autism Resources

These annotated bibliographies were created as a part of the VT LEND Program. They provide article references and reviews on topics of interest to clinicians and parents.

Childhood Hunger


The 1 hour on-line tutorial: Childhood Hunger in Vermont: The Hidden Impacts on Health, Development and Wellbeing


Autism Spectrum Disorders affect 1 in 110 children. Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are a group of developmental disabilities characterized by atypical development in socialization, communication, and behavior. ASDs typically are apparent before age 3 years, with associated impairments affecting multiple areas of a person's life. (CDC 2009)

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Fact Sheet for Parents