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2019 Session 1A Opening Provider Track: 8:00-9:00 AM 

1.A: Pain Management and Cancerbcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-sPA_iconPharm_icon
Brady Quinn, PharmD; Elizabeth Sargent, PT, ScD, OCS, FAAOMPT

A significant health barrier for cancer patients is the pain that often accompanies cancer symptoms and treatments. This session pairs a physical therapist who discusses physical modalities for pain control, while a pharmacist discusses pharmacological methods of pain management. Both will stress the importance of responsible pain management by presenting a diversity of options available to patients and providers.

This session offers 1 credit in Prescribing Controlled Substances, will last from 8-9 AM, and is geared toward health care professionals.

2019 Keynote: 9:00-9:45 AM 

Keynote: Genomic Medicine: A Cornerstone of Precision Cancer Care bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000PA_iconPharm_icon

Nikoletta Sidiropoulos, MD*

With the completion of mapping the human genome in 2003, the world gained new foundational information that has driven innovation and opened frontiers for improving clinical care—especially in cancer. Advances in genomic testing are helping physicians understand patients’ unique cancer types— informing the delivery of precision cancer therapy.

The UVM Medical Center recently launched the Genomic Medicine Program with early efforts focused on improving cancer care. This session will present the story of genomic medicine broadly and here in Vermont—where we’ve come from and what’s ahead in this new field. Attendees will hear about the challenges and opportunities presented by implementing the Genomic Medicine Program across a health network and learn more about how the clinical laboratory is partnering with health care professionals to increasingly deliver the benefits of locally-practiced, genomically-informed cancer care.

Please join us for this welcome Keynote focusing on the biology of cancer, the impact of cancer research, and the power we each have to help make cancer a treatable and survivable disease in our lifetimes.

Exhibition Hall Break: 9:45-10:05 AM

This year we've included an extra break to check out the excellent resources in our Exhibition Hall! 

2019 Session One: 10:15-11:00 AM

1.1: Support During Cancer: Understanding and Navigating Patient Resources bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-sPA_icon
Panel led by Kristie Grover, PhD

The UVM Cancer Center offers a variety of resources to support patients through diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. These resources aim to relieve suffering, complement medical treatment, and empower patients. This session will provide an overview of resources and how to access them, from practical support (financial, transportation, etc.), psychologic and social support, integrative therapies, and healthy lifestyle programs.

1.2: Spirituality and the Healing Journey bcc-s
Patricia Fontaine, MACP, and Nina Thompson         

Spirituality can serve as a comfort and support when dealing with cancer. This session will feature presenters with multiple cancer experiences. Coming from varied spiritual connections, each presenter will offer reflections on what spirituality means to them. Time will allow for participant reflection and questions.

1.3: Phthalates are Everywhere- But Do They Cause Cancer? bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-r_000PA_icon
Thomas Ahern, PhD, MPH*

Phthalate compounds are present in a wide array of consumer products including food containers, children’s toys, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Dr. Ahern will discuss the pervasiveness of these compounds in our daily environment, summarize current evidence for the role of phthalates in breast cancer, and report results of his 1 Million Women study on this topic.

1.4: Treatment of Blood Cancers at UVM: Using Precision Medicine to Guide Therapy in MDS and Leukemia bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000PA_iconPharm_icon
Sakshi Jasra, MD; Diego Adrianzen, MD*

While MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome) and AML (acute myeloid leukemia) can be painful and devastating diagnoses, the constant evolution of existing treatments, the advent of precision medicine, and new therapies in the pipeline are making new therapies more readily available and effective. This session will discuss treatments for patients and an overview of therapy side effects for health care providers.

1.5: PROVIDER TRACK: Cardiac Complications in Cancer Carebcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000PA_iconPharm_icon
Peter van Buren, MD

Advances in cancer treatment have led to the long term remission of many cancers. Unfortunately, treatments can result in adverse cardiovascular consequences, including myocardial injury, alterations in endothelial function/thrombosis, hypertension, and more. This presentation will review the common causes and clinical presentation of cancer-treatment associated cardiotoxicities and emerging approaches to mitigate these complications. This session is specifically geared toward primary care providers and other health care professionals.

1.6: Integrative Cancer Care: Lifestyle Approaches bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-sPA_icon
Andrea Fossati, MD

Integrative care is becoming increasingly necessary in cancer care and survivorship. This session will introduce participants to integrative nutrition and lifestyle approaches used to support health and well-being across the trajectory of cancer care. It will include guidelines for how to safely implement integrative care, whether as a patient, caregiver, or survivor.

1.7: Thyroid Cancer: Detection, Treatment, and Impact of Environment bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-r_000PA_iconPharm_icon

Frances Carr, PhD*; Nikoletta Sidiropoulos, MD*

The National Cancer Institute recently reported that thyroid cancer was the second most common cancer in women ages 20-49 from 2011-2015 (the most up-to date data that exists). Experts at UVM are working to research thyroid cancer incidence in order to better understand who is at increased risk for thyroid cancer, endocrine disrupters that affect the thyroid, and symptoms patients and providers should look for.

1.8: Wellness Coaching in Cancer Survivorship: Mitigating Long-term Side Effects of Treatment bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-sPA_icon
Mary Lou Galantino, PT, PhD, MSCE, FAPTA

Informed, engaged patients are essential to managing side effects from cancer treatment. Health and wellness coaching principles can support patient behavior change and foster sustainable goals. This session will present an overview of coaching in the context of cancer treatment, present the data on the impact of coaching and provide tools for measurement throughout pivotal encounters in survivorship.

1.9: Empowerment & Renewal: Survivors Share the Benefits of Exercise bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-r_000PA_icon
Diane Stevens, PT; Lucian Benway, CPT, ETS; Rebecca Reynolds, BS, CPT

Discover directly from Steps to Wellness patients how the UVM Cancer Center’s free 12-week Oncology/Hematology Rehabilitation Program supports and empowers cancer survivors through a proven and structured group approach to exercise. Learn the many ways a survivor can benefit from exercise, restoring trust in one’s own body and its ability to heal and stay healthy.

1.10: Culinary Demonstration: Pink Ribbon Cooking
Chef Curtiss Hemm

Join Chef Curtiss Hemm from Pink Ribbon Cooking for a culinary demonstration outside G's Restaurant. This demo will give you a chance to learn some nutritious recipes and techniques that you can apply to create fast, healthy, and delicious meals.

1.11: Dressings, Topical Agents and Wound Care for People with Cancer bcc-nbcc-pt_000
Michelle Yargeau, PT, DPT, CWS

This session provides an overview of wound healing, tips on wound dressing selection, and practical application for wounds seen in individuals with cancer. We will discuss dressings for wounds expected to heal versus palliative care for wounds at end of life. This session is designed to be flexible and meet the needs of patients and providers; questions and discussion welcome!

1.12 Cancer and Weight Gain: How a Healthy Weight Can Improve Your Chancesbcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-r_000PA_icon
Jean Harvey, PhD, RD*

If you or your patient has gained weight since your cancer diagnosis, you are not alone; but, survivors of a healthy weight are less likely to have cancer recur. This session explains the whys and hows of weight gain during treatment and will provide patients and health care professionals with methods to improve odds while helping to prevent other illnesses.

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