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The following agenda is from the 2018 Women's Health and Cancer Conference. Information for the 2019 Conference will be available in late July.

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* Denotes UVM Cancer Center Member

2018 Keynote: 9:00-9:45 AM

Keynote: From Idea to Cure: Cancer Research Then, Now and Tomorrow bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-r_000bcc-s

Jason Stumpff, PhD* and Alan Howe, PhD*

Throughout the day, attendees of the 21st Annual Women’s Health and Cancer Conference will hear the latest advances in cancer prevention, detection, treatment and survivorship. This year, all attendees are welcome to join in our Keynote Presentation where UVM Cancer Center researchers Alan Howe, PhD, and Jason Stumpff, PhD, will share how research tackles cancer from multiple angles including: understanding the biology of cancer, finding more effective treatments, and advancing prevention and survivorship. They will take us through the cancer research journey and share how patients, providers, and communities like ours contribute to the pipeline of cancer research that leads to effective treatments here in Vermont and beyond.

Please join us for this welcome Keynote focusing on the biology of cancer, the impact of cancer research, and the power we each have to help make cancer a treatable and survivable disease in our lifetimes.

Exhibition Hall Break: 9:45-10:15 AM

This year we've included an extra half-hour break to check out the excellent resources in our Exhibition Hall! 

2018 Session One: 10:15-11:00 AM

1.1: Genetic Testing for Inherited Cancer: Perspectives from Patientsbcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-r_000bcc-s
Laura Colello, MS, CGC

This session presents an opportunity to hear about the genetic counseling process from patients themselves. Learn about the journey and the results through the eyes of several individuals who have experienced genetic counseling. Anyone interested in learning more about the implications of genetic testing for cancer risk is encouraged to attend.   

1.2: Sunshine and Moles: Prevent and Detect Melanoma bcc-p_000bcc-n
Melanie Bui, MD, PhD*

Vermont and New Hampshire have the second and third highest melanoma incidence rates in the nation.  This session will describe what to look for in skin changes, techniques to decrease melanoma risk, how to detect melanoma when it arises and provide health care providers with treatment options for skin cancer.

1.3: Men’s Health and Cancer: The Value of Knowledge and Advocacy bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-s
Mark Plante, MD*

What are the most common cancers faced by men, and how do these cancers and associated health concerns overlap with the health and cancer issues faced by women? This session will detail prevention and survivorship issues that pertain to cancer in men.

1.4: Spirituality and the Healing Journey bcc-s
Patricia Fontaine, MACP, and Roz Grossman, MA*

Spirituality can serve as a comfort and support when dealing with cancer. This session will feature presenters with multiple cancer experiences. Coming from varied spiritual connections, each presenter will offer reflections on what spirituality means to them. Time will allow for participant reflection and questions.

1.5: PROVIDER TRACK: Pain Management and Prescribing Opiates for Cancer Patients bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000
Waqas Jehangir, MD

Pain management interventions, including the prescribing of opiates to treat cancer symptoms and relieve pain can be extremely beneficial to those facing cancer but also carry risks. For some patients, fear of addiction might cause them to refuse prescriptions for pain management. This session will discuss the prescribing of opiates and use of other pain management interventions and how to properly manage these powerful tools to improve quality of life for cancer patients. This session is specifically geared toward primary care providers and other health care professionals.

Please note that in order to fill the opiate management portion of the new CME requirements, this session will begin at 10 AM

1.6: Breast Cancer Surgery: Interventions, Reconstruction, and Other Options bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-r_000bcc-s
Meredith Collins, MD and Michelle Sowden, DO*

What are a patient’s options when faced with surgery for breast cancer? This session will explore the surgical intervention process, discuss reconstruction options, and detail how health care providers work to meet patient needs. Time will be allotted to address questions from the audience.

1.7: Taking Early Action Against Ovarian Cancer: Screening Tests and Recommendations


Cheung Wong, MD* 

More than 22,000 women receive a diagnosis of ovarian cancer every year, but early detection can keep many of these cancers from becoming fatal. This session will examine the screening tests that are available for ovarian cancer. It will also provide a review of patient risk levels, and suggest when a discussion about screening between provider and patient is called for.

1.8: Blood Clots and Cancer: Risk Factors, Diagnosis, and Treatment bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-r_000bcc-s
Chris Holmes, MD, PhD*

Blood clots are a major side effect of many cancers and cancer treatments. This session explores the risk factors for thrombosis and what steps health care professionals can take top prevent and treat them. It will also discuss the current state of knowledge and what future studies need to be done in order to both prevent and treat blood clots in those with cancer.

1.9: Parenting with Cancer: Navigating the Cancer Experience While Raising Children bcc-nbcc-s
Kathy McBeth, MA, Ali Waltien, CCLS, and Michele Mosley

Parenting can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Parenting through a cancer diagnosis requires extra attention and care and can be physically and emotionally depleting. Join this panel comprised of a parent, social workers, and a child life specialist to explore how cancer can impact families and ways we can support parents and children through the cancer experience.

1.10: Culinary Demonstration: Pink Ribbon Cooking
Chef Curtiss Hemm

Join Chef Curtiss Hemm from Pink Ribbon Cooking for a culinary demonstration outside G's Restaurant. This demo will give you a chance to learn some nutritious recipes and techniques that you can apply to create fast, healthy, and delicious meals.

1.11: HPV Vaccine Update: Local Efforts to Prevent HPV Cancers bcc-p_000bcc-nbcc-pt_000bcc-s
Ardis Olson, MD

In this session, Dr. Olson will provide an overview about the connection between HPV and cancer risk, review facts and myths about the HPV vaccine, and provide an update about local efforts to improve HPV vaccination. Additionally, she will discuss the Norris Cotton Cancer Center's research using Facebook to understand and address parents' attitudes and misconceptions about the HPV vaccine.

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