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The Vision of the University of Vermont (UVM) is to be among the nation’s premier research universities with a comprehensive commitment to a liberal arts education, environment, health, and public service.


In support of this vision, the mission of the UVM Larner College of Medicine is to educate a diverse group of dedicated physicians and biomedical scientists to serve across all the disciplines of medicine; to bring hope to patients by advancing medical knowledge through research; to integrate education and research to advance the quality and accessibility of patient care; and to engage with our communities to benefit Vermont and the world.


  • Professionalism at the heart of patient care, research, and education
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as essential components of all we do
  • Commitment to the wellness of students, staff, and faculty
  • Innovation of clinical care, research, and education
  • Advocacy to promote public health and improve social conditions, including rural health disparities
  • Building on our land-grant heritage to improve the health of Vermont and our region
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Stewardship of resources
  • Service to our patients, our university, and our community

Professionalism at the Larner College of Medicine

Our Larner College of Medicine community upholds the highest standards of professionalism as we follow our passion for lifelong learning and improvement. We demonstrate professionalism through integrity, accountability, compassion, altruism, and social responsibility. We honor the trust our society has placed in us as stewards of the art and science of medicine, relying on cultural humility, kindness, and respect to guide our daily interactions. We expect all members of our community to embrace these principles of professionalism as we strive to conduct and support patient care, research, and education that are second to none.

Vision 2025 unifies plans within the College and aligns with the University of Vermont’s strategic vision for Amplifying Our Impact and the implementation of that vision through achievement of the Academic Success Goals.

Strategic Priorities
Objective 1
Objective 2
Objective 3
Objective 4
Objective 5


Maximize UVM Health Network (UVMHN) collaboration and partnerships

Incorporate missions of research and education into full implementation of network departmentsCommitment to public health, population health, health services research, and value‐ based population careFully develop the role of Director of Research to increase the availability of clinical trials across the UVMHN; focus on rural healthcare delivery across our regionFully develop the role of Director of Education to enhance clinical clerkship sites within the network; support graduate medical education; support innovation in continuing medical and interprofessional educationIntegrate
DEI initiatives
throughout UVM,
LCOM, and the


Prepare the physicians and scientists of the future

Preserve the fundamentals of being a physician: professionalism; first, do no harm; joy of caring; wellnessPromote interprofessional education and care; incorporate personalized medicine (genomics, proteomics, etc.)Enhance communication through telemedicine, social media, and digital health devicesIncorporate public health, environmental change, population health, health services research, big data, informatics, and artificial intelligenceProvide
programs to
support and
retain students
from diverse


Advance scope and impact of research

Improve infrastructure: Firestone Building, Center for Biomedical Shared Resources, Given Building renovation; sustained access to shared resource services; enhanced data processing/storage capabilitiesFocus on current strengths and future opportunities: strengths in mechanistic, translational, and clinical research domains; support for innovation and entrepreneurshipStrengthen mentorship and career development for faculty, graduate students, post‐doctoral fellows, medical students, and staff; maximize recruitment and retentionDiversify funding portfolio for research support: foundations, industry partnerships, philanthropyEnhance
capacity for health
equity research


Commit to the health of our state and region

Build on the land grant tradition of UVM in commitment to accessibility across economic class and leveraging our knowledge in support of the communityFocus on primary care and public healthFurther strengthen partnership and synergy with the UVMHNStrengthen policy and advocacy to promote public health and health equity; improve social conditions, including rural and racial health disparitiesEnhance
with diverse

Strategic Foundation

  • Caring for our people (students, faculty, staff)
  • Commitment to continuous quality improvement in all we do
  • Getting the word out to the Larner community, UVM and beyond