Faculty and Staff

Anne Dixon, M.A., B.M., B.Ch.

Director, Vermont Lung Center
Professor of Medicine

(802) 656-8812
Email | Bio
Matthew Poynter, Ph.D.Associate Director, Vermont Lung Center
Professor of Medicine
(802) 656-8045Email | Bio
Gilman Allen, M.D.Professor of Medicine(802) 656-9004Email | Bio
Vikas Anathy, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Pathology(802) 656-3527Email | Bio
Maryellen Antkowiak, M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine(802) 656-2663Email | Bio
Ram Baalachandran, M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine(802) 656-8303Email | Bio
Jason Bates, Ph.D.Professor of Medicine(802) 656-8912Email | Bio
Garth Garrison, M.D.Associate Professor of Medicine(802) 656-3517Email | Bio
Charles Irvin, Ph.D.Professor of Medicine(802) 656-9828Email | Bio
Yvonne Janssen-Heininger, Ph.D.Professor of Pathology(802) 656-0995Email | Bio
David Kaminsky, M.D.Professor of Medicine(802) 656-3523Email | Bio
C. Matthew Kinsey, M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine(802) 656-3521Email | Bio
Robert Low, Ph.D.Professor Emeritus of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics(802) 656-4338Email | Bio
Suman Majumdar, M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine(802) 656-0667Email | Bio
Prema Menon, M.D.Associate Professor of Medicine(802) 656-3520Email | Bio
Katie Menson, D.O.Assistant Professor of Medicine(802) 656-3590Email | Bio
Polly Parsons, M.D.Professor of Medicine(802) 847-2550Email | Bio
Renee Stapleton, M.D., Ph.D.Professor of Medicine(802) 656-7975Email | Bio
Charlotte Teneback, M.D.Associate Professor of Medicine (802) 656-7976Email | Bio
Albert van der Vliet, Ph.D.Professor of Pathology(802) 656-8638Email | Bio
Matthew Wargo, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics(802) 656-8936Email | Bio
Zachary Weintraub, M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine(802) 656-7710Email | Bio
Daniel Weiss, M.D., Ph.D.Professor of Medicine(802) 656-8925Email | Bio

Clinical Coordinators
Heidi Pecott-Grimm, RNResearch Nurse Supervisor(802) 847-3884Email
Sara ArdrenClinical Research Coordinator(802) 656-7953Email
Stephanie BurnsClinical Research Coordinator(802) 847-2103Email
Erika GonyawClinical Research Coordinator(802) 847-8839
Kevin HodgeonClinical Research Coordinator(802) 847-8602Email 
Chloe Housenger
Clinical Research Coordinator
(802) 847-9803
Olivia JohnsonClinical Research Coordinator(802) 847-2160Email
Joan LippmannClinical Research Coordinator(802) 847-6982Email
Anna RaymondClinical Research Coordinator(802) 847-8307Email
Julie SweetClinical Research Coordinator(802) 847-7958Email

Nirav Daphtary
Research Engineer (Bates Lab)
(802) 656-8980
Jenifer Ather
Lab Research Technician Senior (Poynter Lab)
(802) 656-8066
Minara Aliyeva
Lab Research Technician (Bates Lab)
(802) 656-8980
Evan Hoffman
Lab Research Technician (Weiss Lab)(802) 656-8110Email
Nathan GasekLab Research Technician (Weiss Lab)(802) 656-8110Email
Melissa Floersch
Lab Research Technician (Suratt Lab)(802) 656-8934Email

Bridget CarneyPre-Award Business Manager(802) 656-9002Email
Ashlee Brownell Post-Award Business Manager(802) 656-9616Email
Carolyn Hatin
Post-Award Business Manager(802) 656-3506Email
Jean HoodBusiness Support Generalist(802) 656-8928Email