Palliative Care Communication Research Initiative (PCCRI):

The purposes of this multi-site observational cohort study are to understand how patients, families and palliative care clinicians discuss prognoses in the setting of advanced cancer and to identify the approaches that are most strongly associated with patient-centered outcomes in the setting of advanced cancer.

PI: Bob Gramling MD, DSc

Funder: American Cancer Society. Grant #: RSG-13-239-01-PCSM

Project Team: (UVM) Bob Gramling (PI), Jeffrey Priest (University of Rochester) Sally Norton, Susan Ladwig, Liz Gajary-Coots, Ronald Epstein, Kevin Fiscella, Susan Stanek, Nathalie Dougoud, Heather Pyke (Purdue University) Stewart Alexander, Luke Ingersoll (University of California, San Francisco) Wendy Anderson, Jenica Cimino (University of Arizona) David Gramling (University of Pennsylvania) Elise Tarbi


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Student Theses and Dissertations:

  • "Patient & Family Expressions of Uncertainty in Palliative Care Conversations"
    Susan Stanek, RN (Doctoral Dissertation, University of Rochester School of Nursing)
  • "Family Contributions to Palliative Care Conversations"
    Nathalie Dougoud, RN, APRN (Doctoral Dissertation, University of Rochester School of Nursing)
  • "Expressions of Existential Experience in Palliative Care Conversations"
    Elise Tarbi, RN, APRN (Doctoral Dissertation, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing)
  • "Exploration of StoryArcs in Palliative Care Conversations using Natural Language Processing"
    Lindsay Ross (Honor's Thesis, University of Vermont Department of Computer Science)
  • Dougoud N, Stanek S, Norton S, Gramling R. Use of Secondary Data for Doctoral Dissertations. Nursing Research. 66(2) E30-E31 (abstract)
  • "Machine Learning for Characterizing Acoustic Features of Serious Illness Conversations" Larry Clarfeld, MS (Doctoral Dissertation, University of Vermont School of Engineering).