Youth In Transition (YIT) Evaluation

Teen HuddleThe goal of this six year project is to improve the system of care for Vermont's transition-aged youth and young adults (16 through 21) so that they have adequate preparation and the necessary supports to be productively engaged in the community and free from incarceration. The YIT evaluation provides information about Vermont's system of care achievements, young adult and family outcomes, and mental health and substance abuse services needs.


  • Decrease number of young adults involved in the corrections system.
  • Increase number of young adults who are employed, participating in (or who have completed) educational programs, living in a safe and stable environment, have caring and supportive relationships and have access to and are using a medical home.
  • Increase in young adults' competence and decrease in mental health symptomatology and other related problems.

Preliminary Findings of the YIT Evaluation

  • Over 300 young adults have been enrolled into one or more components of the statewide evaluation.
  • The number of young people who report being homeless within the past 30 days decreased from 21% to 5% six months after entering YIT services.
  • The percent of young people who strongly agree they are handling daily life increased from 82% when entering services to 90% six months later.

Project Contact

Thomas Delaney, PhD