Adolescent and Young Adult Health Resource Kit

This resource kit is full of information regarding the health of adolescents and young adults, including direct web links, posters, brochures, a practice specific editable form, research articles and more. Take a peak at each section and take advantage of the resources at your disposal.

1. Clinical Resource Web Links

2. Adolescent Friendly Services

3. Confidentiality

4. Building Resilience & Strengths Based

5. Recommended Visits & Risk Screening

6. Adolescent Well Visit

7. Body Image, Health Eating & Exercise

8. Mental Health

9. Substance Use Screening

10. Sexual & Reproductive Health

11. STI Screening & Treatment

12. LGBTQ & Transgender Health

13. Immunizations

14. Full Printable PDF of Resource Kit

Additional Resources...


In its earlier years, the YHII focused on increasing the skills and confidence of providers (pediatricians, family medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, office staff) in providing comprehensive preventive health visits, including screening for risks and assessing strengths.

Vermont RAYS

Through the newly established Vermont RAYS, the project will continue to foster collaborations with adolescents and young adults in informing project work, including developing resources and educational materials, advising primary care medical homes, and strategizing initiatives to increase awareness of adolescents and young adults.

Additionally, the YHII team supports improvement efforts around: a) human papilloma virus vaccine; b) access to long active reversible contraception (LARC); c) VDH’s injury prevention priorities; d) strengthening collaboration among schools and medical homes.