Vermont Immunization Registry Project (VTIMMS)

Kids Raising Hands in ClassCompleted in 2006, VTIMMS assisted the Vermont Department of Health (VDH) in the recruitment, training, and user support of an electronic web-based Immunization Registry for the state of Vermont. VDH collaborated with VCHIP and the University of Vermont, as well as Physician’s Computer Company (PCC), and the Omansky Group (OGLLc) to reach out to practices across the state and encourage them to implement this web-based registry.


The goal of this project was to support health care practices throughout the state in tracking vaccine information for all Vermont children, birth to age 18, through the use of the Vermont Immunization Registry.


  • New technology allowed health care professionals state-wide to access complete data in a confidential format.
  • The Vermont Immunization Registry team introduced pediatric and family practices throughout Vermont to the Registry via introductory training materials, one-on-one training sessions, surveys to assess how the Registry is working for practices, and continual user support.
  • The project recruited ~ 50 practices throughout Vermont, supporting the population of the Registry with over 42,000 immunization records and fostering a partnership between the VDH, Vermont health care professionals and health insurance plans in the state.