Vermont Hospital Preventive Services Initiative (VHPSI)

Infant feetCompleted in June 2008, the goal of VHPSI was to improve the processes and outcomes of preventive services delivered to women and infants during the birth hospitalization.

These preventive services included Hepatitis B immunization, breastfeeding assessment and support, newborn metabolic and hearing screening, jaundice assessment, sleep positioning, car safety seat fit, assessment of exposure to second hand smoke and domestic violence, and discharge follow up planning.

VCHIP tools and resources are a combination of tools developed through our various projects, relevant webpages, and key publications of both active and completed projects.


VCHIP recruited all 12 Vermont hospitals with newborn nurseries to participate in this project. Hospital-based improvement teams consisted of hospital staff physicians, nurses and members of the community including Vermont Department of Health representatives. An initial assessment of preventive service delivery was performed and presented to teams. Teams chose improvement goals related to their performance assessment.


VHPSI successfully assisted newborn nurseries in each Vermont hospital to make significant improvements in the delivery of a variety of health care services to newborn infants and their families. Documented rates of assessment improved for breastfeeding adequacy, risk for hyperbilirubinemia, infant sleep position and car safety seat fit. This statewide, hospital-based quality improvement project was effective in improving documented newborn preventive services during the birth hospitalization.