Staff & Partner Directory

VCHIP brings together broad expertise to improve child health care in the state of Vermont. To build a shared vision of quality health care for children and families, VCHIP facilitates cross-functional partnerships including researchers, practitioners, insurers, professional organizations, and government. These collaborations provide a unique opportunity to listen and learn from one another, gather fresh ideas and innovative solutions, and inform public health policy as we continue to strive together toward the right care, for every person, every time. Each and every one of our Faculty, Staff, and Senior Advisory Group members work collaboratively with the community to achieve our mission.


Our partnerships with VCHIP have been invaluable! They have worked to promote early developmental screening and integrated approaches to family support, and have helped the state transform research-based activities into everyday program expectations that support families and their children before they get swept up in a crisis."

- Suzanne Santarcangelo, Ph.D, Director of Healthcare Operations, Compliance and Improvement, Agency of Human Services