Promoting Healthier Weight in Pediatrics Toolkit

Adolescent girl jumpingWhile the health consequences of child and adolescent overweight and obesity were widely recognized, the extent to which recent clinical guidelines and best practices are being implemented in primary care practices in Vermont was not known. Moreover, barriers to the successful implementation of these guidelines and practices needed to be understood and addressed. VCHIP and the Vermont Area Health Education Centers Network (AHEC) were funded by the Vermont Department of Health (VDH) to survey primary care practitioners, develop toolkits for use in primary care practices, and make recommendations to the VDH on next steps to support primary care practices in the assessment and treatment of overweight and obesity in Vermonters.


  • Survey primary care clinicians to identify current clinical practices, along with knowledge gaps and practice barriers, that limit implementation of clinical guidelines and best practices
  • Develop toolkits for use in primary care practices (one for use with children and one for use with adults) that reflect best practices and clinical guidelines


Development of the Promoting Healthier Weight in Pediatrics toolkit, consistent with national guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics. The toolkit includes:

  • Guidelines for the Prevention & Management of overweight children ages 2-18 years
  • Assessment and counseling tools and strategies
  • Community resources information
  • A strength-based approach of promoting healthy weight outlining strategies for engaging families in healthy weight discussions in a non-threatening way; and tips for encouraging them to undertake lifestyle and dietary changes

Project Contact

Alyssa Consigli, RD, CSSD