Trauma Informed Care

Trauma-informed care (TIC) is defined by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network as medical care in which all parties involved assess, recognize, and respond to the effects of traumatic experiences on children, caregivers, and healthcare providers.  In the clinical setting TIC includes the prevention, identification and assessment of trauma, response to trauma and recovery from trauma as a focus of all services. Pediatricians can support the caregiver-child relationship, the context in which there can be recovery from trauma and the restoration of resilience.  TIC is characterized by an understanding that traumatic experiences can impact the brain and body and can present as problematic behaviors and health issues.  These conditions need to be treated as medical concerns, not willful or punishable actions. (National Child Traumatic Stress Network. (n.d.). Trauma types. Retrieved September 22, 2022, from

Resources Related to Trauma