Adolescent Health / Youth Health Improvement Initiative (YHII)


The Youth Health Improvement Initiative (YHII) began in 2001 through partnership between Vermont Maternal and Child Health (MCH), the Vermont Child Health Improvement Program (VCHIP), Vermont Medicaid and private insurers. Since 2001, the project has influenced over 70 pediatric and family medicine practices across the state of Vermont. 

Currently, our efforts are targeted at understanding why adolescents do not access annual well visits with Vermont providers who are well trained to deliver excellent, comprehensive services. 


Adolescent and Young Adult Toolkit is full of information regarding the health of adolescents and young adults, including direct web links, posters, brochures, a practice specific editable form, research articles and more. Take a peak at each section and take advantage of the resources at your disposal.








YHII Project Contact                                                                                             

Alyssa Consigli, RD, CPHQ                                                                                                                           


YHII Project Team

Erica Gibson, MD                                                                                                 

Rebecca Bell, MD                                                                  

Bernice Garnett, ScD, MPH

Alyssa Consigli, RD, Project Director

Angela Zinno, MA, Project Coordinator

Additional Tools & Resources

April 6, 2022 Pediatric Grand Rounds: Youth Friendly & Culturally Responsive Care: A Youth Led Panel
  • Recording Link for UVM and UVM Health Employees (search 'pediatric' and "sort by date')
  • If you are outside of the network, click here to request access to the recording.
SYAG (State Youth Advisory Group)
Youth Specific COVID-19 Resources
Transgender Youth Program