Vermont D-70 Grant

Female at exam with doctor, nursePediatric Care Coordination Learning Collaborative 

Vermont was the recipient of a federal D-70 grant to enhance the system of services for children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) through systems integration. The objectives of this grant are to plan, implement and evaluate the impact, effective care coordination among Vermont’s network of children’s primary and specialty health care professionals, with meaningful engagement of patients, families, and representatives from appropriate community-based, child-serving agencies and organizations. VCHIP is conducting two practice-based quality improvement Learning Collaboratives as well as leading the evaluation of Vermont’s efforts to integrate systems of care for the CYSHCN population.


The following activities were led by VCHIP to accomplish our objectives:

  • Conducting peer-to-peer site visits to practices to provide customized coaching and technical assistance to address practice-specific challenges and to identify and address practice-specific educational needs around care coordination.
  • Planning and conducting Learning Sessions for pediatric serving practices participating in the Learning Collaborative and recruiting up to 10 new pediatric and family medicine practices to participate in an additional 24 month Care Coordination Learning Collaborative.
  • Managing ongoing American Board of Pediatrics Part IV, Maintenance of Certification requirements [data reporting, Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycles, etc.] for participating physicians.
  • Evaluating knowledge and skill improvement among practitioners and patient experience of care surveys throughout the Care Coordination Learning Collaborative.


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