10 Steps to Empower Mothers and Nurture Babies

Group of moms with babiesThe 10 Steps to Empower Mothers and Nurture Babies project partners with the Vermont Department of Health’s Division of Maternal and Child Health’s Nutrition program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), the Vermont Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Vermont Academy of Family Physicians to facilitate a statewide quality improvement initiative focused on increasing evidence-based maternity care practices as standards of care in Vermont hospitals with birth centers. 

Vermont hospitals are working to establish a breastfeeding culture which will provide a foundation for a sustained breastfeeding experience. This project engages hospitals in setting process and outcome goals focused on improving Maternity Practices and Infant Nutrition and Care *(mPINC) scores at individual hospitals and improving Vermont’s statewide scores. Four collaborative goals have been set for all participating hospitals. Each hospital will also select individual measurable goals based on current practice, their facilities mPINC scores, and identified gaps in care.

Participating hospital-based multidisciplinary perinatal teams will engage in statewide collaboration and partner with their community’s District Health Offices, local and statewide breastfeeding coalitions, and mother/baby support services and resources.

*mPINC is a CDC administered survey of Maternity Practices and Infant Nutrition and Care sent to all hospitals and birth centers in the U.S. that provide maternity care.

Objectives (March - November 2012)

  • 100% of participating hospital will have administrative support for participation
  • 90% of RN staff from participating hospitals will complete a 16 hour breastfeeding training
  • 100% of participating hospitals will have an updated (or draft) breastfeeding policy for all mother/baby units
  • 100% of participating hospitals will demonstrate appropriate use of infant feeding supplementation