Asthma Action Plan Initiative

Male child female doctor for examThe Asthma Action Plan Initiative built upon efforts of the Vermont Department of Health (VDH) and was guided by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute asthma guidelines, the Chronic Care Model of Wagner, et al., and the principles of Coordinated School Health. The Initiative provided education, educational tools, technical support and assistance to primary care practitioners, school nurses and VDH School Liaisons to promote use of the Vermont Asthma Action Plan.




To improve the coordination of care for school aged children with asthma primarily through strategies to increase the utilization of the Vermont Asthma Action Plan.


  • Conducted a successful collaboration pilot in two Vermont School Supervisory Unions with ten elementary and middle schools and three primary care practices to increase utilization of the Vermont Asthma Action Plan. Pre and post data indicated that current asthma action plans on file at schools increased significantly, with three times as many as the baseline reported.
  • Between 2004-2007, 68 schools and 70 school nurses participated in VCHIP Asthma Action Plan educational activities.
  • Collaborated with the VDH Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) program to educate and empower VDH school liaisons to promote ease of use of the Vermont Asthma Action Plan by school nurses.
  • With VDH, VCHIP created a School Liaison Asthma Guide with tools to support school liaisons and VDH district offices to carry on efforts to help maintain and improve asthma management for school age children.
  • In collaboration with ten practitioners from around the state, the Asthma Action Plan Initiative developed and piloted a Provider Asthma Management Toolkit.