Addison County Family Wellness Program

Mother, young daughter readingThe Vermont Family Based Approach, developed by James Hudziak, MD, is a comprehensive, evidence based, family focused, wellness approach to preventing, reducing and treating childhood mental health issues. The core of this approach is to promote exercise, emotional regulation skills, music, reading, a healthy diet, parenting skills and parental mental health treatment as the primary interventions to improve children’s mental health. Members of the VCCYF team are collaborating with a team of education and health professionals at the Addison County Central Supervisory Union on a project to bring the Vermont Family Based Approach to the Early Education Program at the Mary Hogan School.



  • To pilot a preschool based Family Wellness Program.


  • Core team was identified.
  • Program design and procedures were developed and documented.
  • A project Community Day was held to elicit community awareness and buy-in from major stakeholders (school, primary care, parents, and community leaders).
  • Mental Health Clinicians from CSAC (Counseling Services of Addison County) were provided a two day training in evidence based “Parent
  • Management Training” developed by Alan Kazdin at The Yale Child Study Center.